Saturday , January 16 2021

Samsung. Ekinos processor with AMD GPU confirmed

Samsung has officially confirmed that its next high-end processor will use an AMD GPU based on the RDNA architecture. Confirmation came indirectly when the Ekinos 2100, the processor that will equip the Samsung Galaxy S21, will be unveiled tomorrow (January 14).

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Confirmation came from Iniup Kang, a representative of South Korean technology, stating that AMD GPU will integrate a new generation of top-of-the-line Ekinos.

This partnership was already public, with Samsung and AMD announcing in June 2019 the licensing of RDNA technology to be integrated into Equinox processors. Yesterday’s announcement thus confirms that the first tests were successful, so the partnership will even result in the product coming to market.

How can the Ekinos processor benefit from this partnership between Samsung and AMD?

Ekinos 2100 Samsung Galaxy S21 AMD GPU
The Ekinos 2100 is Samsung’s leading processor for 2021.

The answer to this question will be relatively simple. AMD has a long history of developing graphics cards, and this is a chapter in which Equinox processors have made mistakes in recent years, making them far behind the performance of Qualcomm and Apple processors.

In fact, this is the evil of all companies that design their own processors, which tend to resort to integrated graphics cards ARM Mali, which did not achieve the best results.

With the introduction of the new Ekinos 2100, Samsung has made a 40% improvement in graphics performance compared to the Ekinos 990, but even that improvement may not be enough for the top range of 2021.

The partnership with AMD could bring significant improvements in the graphics performance of the GPU of the next Ekinos processor, with the goal of making it at least one of the best on the market.

As for the non-launch, everything indicates that its production will start at the end of this year, so it will almost certainly be the debut at the next Samsung Galaxy S22. However, the expectation is not excluded, with the possibility that Samsung will also decide to launch this chip with the Galaxy Z Flip 3, a smartphone that will be launched in the second half of 2021.

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