Monday , March 27 2023

Samsung's "Linux on Deck" turns Android smartphones into Ubuntu computers


Slowly, but decisively, Linus managed to gain space in areas where he was not previously present. The biggest case is even Windows 10, but others show interest in this operating system.

Samsung has already announced that its devices, with support for Dek, will soon receive Linux, as a platform for creating a PC, directly from the smartphone. This step is closer, and Linux on the Dek comes out in beta.

Samsung Dek Linuk Android smartphones

More and more mobile devices allow users to transform and become personal computers. In a simple process that connects to the screen, everything changes immediately.

Samsung is striving to further utilize this concept and introduce Linux to Deck, which will bring the Linux desktop to its devices, with all attached apps.

Samsung Dek Linuk Android smartphones

Linux on Deck has so far been an idea and prototype, but Samsung has made this project something tangible and can be used by everyone. Linux on Deck has entered the beta and may soon be installed on Samsung Note 9 and Samsung Tab S4.

Users who want to test Linux on the Dek should have only one of these devices and register with Samsung's testing program. You also need to ensure that your device has 4GB of RAM and 13GB of free storage.

Based on this version of Linux on Deck, Samsung put Ubuntu 16.04 LTS, in a version specially developed by Canonical for this architecture. Samsun's idea is to give developers a work platform that they can use on the go.

This Samsung concept extends Dec further, making it a system that many people use to work, just using an HDMI cable and monitor to make the workstation ready for use.

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