Tuesday , May 30 2023

Seven islands of the Azores under orange warning due to depression Carlos


Portuguese Sea Institute i
The Atmosphere (IPMA) has put the central and local groups below
first with a sweeping on the sea, and the other at the sea
because of the same situation, but also strong winds.

Note from the Institute, in the central group an orange notification was established –
Terceira, Graciosa, Pico, Sao Jorge and Faial – all day
Friday, although on Thursday there is a yellow warning for the winds
from 18:00 (the time of the Azores).

Western group – Flores and Crow – is under orange warning due
from 18:00 on Thursday and the sea in progress
whole Friday.

Eastern group – Sao Miguel and Santa Maria – will be in a yellow warning
Friday due to strong forecasts of wind and sea.

IPMA says Carlos's depression should be positioned on Thursday
northwest of the Azores archipelago, moving east-southeast and
which leads to "increasing wind intensity and maritime agitation
whole region. "

The National Maritime Authority issued a recommendation
"the adoption of precautionary measures, ie the strengthening of berths and
firm control of tugboats "and" avoiding excursions
at sea, especially in places and beaches. "

The population should avoid coastal areas, especially those that are exposed
coasts and coasts, keep a cautious attitude,
taking into account that in these extreme conditions, the sea can easily
reaching obviously safe areas, "the official said.

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