Monday , March 27 2023

"Sintra Transformers" has a criminal gang for theft of ordering vehicles


The search also resulted in the seizure of 17 light vehicles

The Territorial Command of Lisbon, through the GNR Territorial Detachment of the Sintra, developed on Monday, November 12, a police operation targeting a crime group dedicated to stealing vehicles on order.

This operation was the culmination of a joint investigation with the Fourth Section of the Public Prosecutor's Office of the Investigation and Criminal Investigation Department (DIAP) of the Western County Court – Sintra, which was held seven months ago and focused on the criminal offense of criminal association, "Qualified theft, recipe, vehicles and forgery of documents, in which the group continued to disassemble vehicles, selling pieces for equipping modified cars used in illegal races in the district of Lisbon, "SINTRA NOTICIAS said.

The action of the suspects included the territory of Greater Lisbon, and the operation took place in Lisbon, Sintra, Amadori, Odivelas and Alverca. 40 hearings were conducted, of which 14 were domicile, five were non-domicile (workshops and sticks) and 21 vehicles.

The proceedings resulted in the arrest of 14 men aged between 19 and 45, in which 13 were arrested for qualified theft (one in flagrante delicto) and one for possession of a narcotic product.

The search also resulted in the seizure of 17 light vehicles; four motorcycles; 78 auto parts (out of which eight central units and two diagnostic devices are allocated); 20 car documents; 13 wheels with tires; 30 doses of hashish; firearms; five white weapons; 46 mobile phones; five laptops and three tablets and 980 euros in cash.

There were also 17 environmental disputes in the amount of over 51,000 euros, or six for the possession of potentially dangerous dogs; two due to the lack of registration of dogs; two due to the lack of a permit to use buildings or its infrastructure; two for disregarding SIRAP registration (waste); two for performing works on past life without permission; one for disregarding the final destination of waste; one due to the lack of vaccine against rabies in the canida and one for the release of oil in the soil.

14 prisoners, mostly with criminal records relating to the same type of crime, will be present today, November 13, at the West-Sintra District Court in Lisbon.

This operation encompassed 236 operations and was supported by the Public Security Police.

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