Sunday , April 2 2023

Son of actor Vill Smith says his name is rapper Tiler


Poor Smit surprised fans during performances in the United States on Monday, the 12th son of actor William Smith said he would live in romanticism with the Tiler, The Creator.

"I just want to say that Tiler, the Creator is my best friend all over the world, I love Tyler so much and I want to say something to you, I mean, Tyler does not want to say, but I want … my boyfriend," Jaden said. The moment is registered and viralized in social networks.

On his Twitter profile, son of Smith Smith confirmed the statement. "Yes, Tiler, I told you everything. Now you can not deny it," he wrote. Tiler also replied to the official Twitter profile: "Hahaha, you're a crazy man," the rapper said.

Their followers are still unsure whether the statements are serious or not joking. According to data from the website in 2015, Tiler wrote a post Twitter: "I tried to get out of the closet four days ago, but no one was worried." In 2017, the rapper would give some traces of his sexuality in the album Flover Boi.

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