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Spiro, Hitman, Pokemon and Fallout return to stores this week, predicting Christmas – Multimedia


This week some of the most anticipated titles of this Christmas arrive in stores and there are suggestions for all tastes and audiences. On Tuesday, the 13th is the return of Agent 47, Hitman 2's protagonist, another game after a recent reboot. This is a special title for longtime fans for several different reasons. It is the first title of the Danish study of IO Interactive, after its independence from Skuara Enik last year. The previous game that led to some new beginning of the saga became available in an episode format and, although well received, this sequel returns to the classic format, complete on the disc, hence.

Taking into account the study's new vision vision for the narrative format, the campaign is divided into locations that agent 47 must visit, and in that sense all the sites in the previous game are embedded and updated with the new mechanical system and the progression of Hitman 2. For those who have the first title this update will be free of charge under the seal of the Hitman Legacy Pack. For those who do not have it, you can split it.

In this second title, the killer will have to shoot targets in New Zealand, Miami and Vhittleton Creek in the United States, Colombia, India and the North Atlantic. The special mission of Sniper Assassin is held in Austria. Hitman 2 reaches PC, PS4 and Xbox One.

For nostalgia, Spiro: Reignited Trilogi is the return of the famous Spiro dragon into a package that contains an initial trilogy created and released on the original PlaiStation by Insomniac Games. The new edition was produced by Tois For Bob, an Activision studio that has inherited the adventures of a famous purple dragon, created a well-known Skilanders series that practically invented the concept of interaction between games and toys.

Three games similarly treated Crash Bandicoot, once again the PlaiStation classic, with revised graphics, as well as the latest mechanics and experiences, retaining the essence of the original content. For the record, games that are part of Spiro Dragon, Ripto's Rage and Dragon Year, are available tomorrow at PlaiStation 4 and Xbox One.

Fallout 76 is another title that pulls the legion of fans. The futuristic universe, inspired by the post-apocalyptic world, received several chapters within the RPG genre. But this ninth episode is completely different from the previous ones, based on online format, in which players take survivors from the vault.

In addition to the fact that a reversal in the history of previous games and the closest catastrophic events that have destroyed the planet, the adventure will no longer be experienced solely by itself. If you like, you can connect with other players and create a group of four survivors, but you can continue the solo adventure, although it is more difficult to deal with mutants, human enemies and other dangers.

Fallout 76 comes to PC, PS4 and Xbox One on Wednesday, November 14th.

Finally, at the end of the week, there are new pokemon adventures, in this case in a double dose: Let's Go, Pikachu! and let's go, Eevee! In the background are not new games, but debut in the main series of the Swatch, which are the remakes of Pokemon Iell from 1998, which is the final remake of Red and Blue. Do you find it confusing? Do not worry, fans of famous monsters know exactly what to expect: explore the Kanto region in search of a new Pokemon, train them and catch rare and legendary species.

Keep in mind that you live up to the title, let's go, Pikachu! is an integration with the emergence of Pokemon Go and will support a new controller called Poke Ball Plus. To capture Pokemon, you will need similar actions in the mobile game, using motion sensors to simulate the launch of the "ball". The game will be released next Friday, 16th for Nintendo Switch.

It should be noted that all these titles will be available for testing at the Lisbon Weekend event, which will be held between November 15 and 18, in the stadiums of Plaisant, Xbox and Nintendo, which are once again at the head of the event. In addition, titles that will be released only next year can also be played first hand, such as Devil Mai Cri 5 and Kingdom Hearts 3. The Battlefield V, which will visit stores next week, will also be in the CSB space.

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