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The ioutube has reached Nintendo Switch


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Today Ioutube for Nintendo Switch has been published. Nintendo Switch, despite the success of the sale, was criticized for the poor bets on the online console component. This is the second "big" application to enter the console after Hula last year.

The application is simple and effective in what it proposes: through the design that we get used to on Ioutube, the user can access the library of content on the platform. This version of the app fully supports 360 videos.

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How Do You Control Youtube?

The application can be controlled via touch screen, but also via left joystick and main buttons. The right joystick is used only to control the display in 360-degree video.

These controls are not definitive. According to Google, Ioutube will continue to adapt to Nintendo's hardware. Therefore, feedback from users should be important, so the application can adapt to the specific features of this platform.

A library of articles, referrals and personal videos can be familiar with Nintendo Switch through the usual way: by signing in with a Google Account.

Good days for Nintendo

Nintendo is living good days. In the third quarter of 2018, they achieved the best revenue for eight years. Profit is 30.9 billion yen (about 240 million euros). This assessment, say analysts, is conservative and profit may be higher.

This profit increase has the name: Nintendo Switch. The console sold only 5.07 million units in the period from April to September, and numbers were expected when the console was launched.

Will other familiar applications follow the Hulu and Ioutube steps?

The absence of some giants of this platform at this moment is strange. With millions of users, it was expected that technology companies would play a greater role on Svitch. Where are apps like Spotifi or Netflik?

In the coming months, we will see if there are new applications for Nintendo users.

Source: ARS Technica

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