Thursday , September 29 2022

The MP raises the issue of construction, the percentage of housing and the number of Entrecampos – economy operations


The document to which the Lusa Agency had access was sent to the mayor of the Chamber Fernando Medini (PS), with the knowledge of the President of the Municipal Assembly of Lisbon Helena Rosette.

Over seven pages, a letter signed by prosecutor Elisabeth Matos points to five questions: the percentage of dwellings to be involved in the project, the number of integrated operations, execution units, the construction of the area of ​​the former popular fair and the absence of the opinion of the national civil aviation authority (ANAC).

Regarding this last point, it was emphasized that "the opinion that is publicly available in the assignment does not belong to ANAC, but from the NAV" and that "the existence of an airport in Lisbon and the vicinity of the area with the alignment of the tape include mandatory consultations with ANAC , because it is the competent entity ".

The Prosecutor argues that "the omission of compulsory consultations implies an increase in the law, which in itself allows it to be challenged".

About this, the official source of the Lisbon Chamber (CML) said that "there is an opinion of ANAC" and that "there is no risk of condemnation".

The document to which Luza had access dates from April and states that "the subject project, where the maximum dimensions of buildings vary between 126,410 and 128,814 meters, is possible," but also warns that "the quoted maximums can not be exceeded, and individual projects must be submitted case-by-case, in the opinion of ANAC.

The letter states that the request for an indictment by the CDS-PP with the State Prosecutor's Office in mid-October ", as well as all documentation available on the CML website, raise issues related to urban lawfulness, whose placement is announced until the public is scheduled for the 12th day […] does not allow disposal. "

Regarding the housing envisaged in the project, the Public Prosecutor's Office recalls the proposals that were approved by the City Council and the Municipal Assembly, which envisaged "at least 25% of the surface of the above ground for efficient housing", stating that this project only predicts 23,31%.

According to the prosecutor, on the basis of the former National Fair, 34,090.65 square meters (m2) of residential space "of which 25% corresponds to 35,928m2" is planned, so there is "approximately 1,838m2 of effective residential space" missing.

Elisabeth Matos also points out that "it is not possible to predict the number of integrated operations as a tool for territorial planning".

Concerning the construction, the public prosecutor's suspicions refer to "to be considered a violation of the general master plan rules, resulting in defect in divisions and business and consequent operations and a challenging challenge."

This morning, the mayor of Lisbon confirmed the receipt of this letter, according to Lus news agency.

Speaking at a public executive meeting, Fernando Medina was heard by the CDS-PP, if he received an "objection, a letter about the public auction of Entrecampos", and the mayor replied that he received "yesterday [quarta-feira], at the end of the afternoon, "a letter from the Public Prosecutor's Office, with the Central Administrative Court, with requests for information on the integrated work of Entrecampos, which explicitly relate to questions posed by the CDS."

Medina also stated that "The Chamber will naturally answer these questions today and provide all the clarifications necessary to clarify everything that is being put to it."

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