Thursday , June 17 2021

Titanfall will definitely “embrace” Apek Legends in season 9

New information discovered by developers Apek Legends, they have now realized that many contents Titanfall coming to Battle Royal, already with the 9th season of the game.

It’s no secret, Apek Legends is set in the space of TitanFall, and according to the game’s developers, they will get even closer when Battle Royale season 9 debuts. During the panel with several developers from Respavn, run by BrownGirlGamerCode, senior Apek developer Ashley Reed, spoke more about the relationship between the two games and how they will incorporate Titanfall into Apek from now on.

What is happening in Titanfall is war, Apek is what is happening after that war, what is life like in this place? “ Reed explicitly. “So we’re trying to integrate Titanfall into that, because Titanfall is part of that universe.”

Apek Legends Season 9 arrives with a “ton” of Titanfall content

We have already seen some parallels between the two games, for example, several Titanfall weapons are presented in Battle Royale, and who can forget the huge Leviathans (also known as Moiais) that tower over Apek Legends?

It seems that the content of Titanfall is already just the tip of the iceberg, as the director of the game Apek Legends, Chad Grenier, promised a “ton” in season 9.

“Next season, season 9, you’ll really see tons of Titanfall coming back into the game, one way or another,” Grenier called. “I’ve already told some people, if you’re a Titanfall fan, wait for the 9th season of Apek Lgends because there will be very interesting things there.”

As you can imagine, Grenier did not specify what will come next season.

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