Sunday , October 2 2022

United's Mourinho provokes a rebellion in Turin and steals credit for the scene Champions League


The rebellion of Manchester United in Turin, where "Red Devils"He lost four minutes from the end and finished the unconditional run of Juventus, who, despite the 65-minute goal Cristiano Ronaldo and many lost opportunities – from Khedir and Dibala attracted by the iron of the famous De Gea in good condition – a clear opportunity to immediately follow the" oitavos " Champion.

Jose Mourinho blew cold, he threw Huan Mata ten minutes out of 90, and the Spaniard, in direct freedom, managed the Revolution confirmed by the self-scored Bonucci (90 '). The Portuguese coach caused a crowd, which eventually led to confusion, but winning (1-2) allowed Valencia to keep two points.

"I was insulted for 90 minutes, I came here to do my job, nothing more, I did not insult anyone, I just made a gesture that indicated that I wanted to hear them speak louder, probably I should not do it, and maybe it was impossible. family insults, and even my family from Inter [Milão]"I reacted like this," Mourinho told Ski Italia.

In group G, Roma continued to earn three points for Moscow, defeating CSKA (1-2). The Italians made a score with Kostas Manolas (4 & # 39;), after which they hit the current threat to Sigurdsson's fierce shot (50 '), but Magnusson's dismissal (56') helped recover three minutes later. Pellegrini (59 & # 39;) won the first half (29 '), which Florenzi incredibly missed.

Spiced with a victory "giallorossi(23 '), Bale (37') and Toni Kroos (67 '), both were at the forefront. Already under the technical command of Santiago Solari, in the debut in the champions,meringues"They agreed with the goals, avoiding the Czech Republic's admission, who defeated (2-1) in Madrid, still with Lopetegui to the command. Madrid and Roma are waiting for a qualification certificate, as four points in CSKA were awaiting on a new round.

The inspiration was something Pep Guardiola had floundered, ignoring the Paunse Fonseca chance Shahter Donetzky, to a thunderbolt of 6-0 in Manchester, doubling the parade of the game in Kharkiv. David Silva (13 '), after a careful Rijad Mahre's service, opened the number that Gabriel Jesus (24') will increase in the conversion of the latter. The English have come back to the burden of continuing the game, with Sterling (48 ') to raise the bar with the goal of superior execution. The city would only rest after Jesus finished het trick, after a new second (72 & # 39;) and a hat (90 + 2 '), when Mahrez (84') also signed the point.

Premier League leaders have not yet secured their qualifications, as the situation in Group F is complicated when Lyon's Anthony Lopez again permits Hoffenheim's refusal (ten units). The Germans returned to the discounts (90 + 2?) After losing 2-0 in the first half. The French receive "citizens" in the next round, who can revive the fight.

Something that does not go to Baiern, who denounced AEK (2-0) in Munich with Levandovsky, reinforcing the group's leadership, but with six points more than Benfica.

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