Saturday , January 16 2021

With seven more deaths and 90% of ICUs, Covid-19 is advancing in Bauru


Profile of Covid’s victims

What has already been announced by health experts is taking place in Bauru. After a calmer scenario between the end of October and the beginning of December last year, the contamination and mortality of the new coronavirus intensified in the beginning of 2021 in the municipality. This Monday (11) the city at one point reported seven more deaths by Covid-19. Occupation at the hospital also continues to grow at an alarming level. For example, yesterday the State Hospital (HE) in Bauru was a completely filled outpatient clinic and 90% of the ICU was occupied.

The seven deaths reported by the Collective Health Department yesterday were between 51 and 88 years old, and only one of them had no comorbidities (mark the profile in the box opposite).

Bauru now has 319 deaths from the new coronavirus, but that number could rise even more, as three more suspected deaths are still being investigated by Epidemiological Surveillance.

To give you an idea, the municipality last recorded seven deaths in one day almost three months ago, on October 15th.

In addition to the deaths, the epidemiological bulletin brought another 128 new cases with Covid-19, bringing the total number of confirmations since the beginning of the pandemic in Bauru to 21,789.


Another concern is the occupation of the hospital, which continues to grow day by day, as the JC report last Thursday (7) already warned. On Monday (11) the situation was even more critical.

According to the State Department of Health, Bauru State Hospital had 90% occupancy in its nursing wards yesterday, with only five Covid-19 beds available out of the existing 50. On the other hand, the unit’s infirmary was 100% full, ie it was occupied 46 seats.

In return, the Polish hospital installed in the building of the das Clinicas (HC) USP in Bauru continued on Monday with a occupancy rate of 70% in its 20 dispensaries.

595 fine and 19,065 cured

In addition to seven deaths and a new wave of confirmations from Covid-19, an epidemiological bulletin issued yesterday by the Department of Collective Health shows that 595 people are still waiting for test results to confirm or reject the new coronavirus in Bauru.

According to the report, there are already a total of 59,245 negative cases, while the number of people from Bahia who cured the disease is 19,065.

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