Wednesday , March 22 2023

Amir & Raluka launches single and video "Vhi Habibi?" – Star Gossip Magazine


Amir and Raluka are launching "Vhi Habibi?" Produced in HaHaHa Production and released with MediaPro Music. Half finalists of Smiley team in season 7 "Glas Rumunije" and Raluka have been friends for 10 years and now they are in the first cooperation.

"One evening, I try to write a song to convey what I see to myself and people, or loneliness, on a daily basis. The loneliness of the soul. Looking at the park, you see so many lonely and sad people. I thought we did not know how to communicate, we no longer know how to love, we are no longer tolerant. Serbian Cazan helped me to show my emotions, ideas, in this extremely sensitive part" says Amir.

Cooperation with Raluca made the song complete: "Half a year I kept the song in the drawer, and every time I listened to it, I thought I was missing something, and eventually I found that I missed a female jam. And Raluka is perfect for the song "Why Habibi?" And I thank her" adds Amir.

"It's a delicate, nice piece that will get you out of the first agreement and it will hit it!" said Raluka.

Amir lived in Palestine for a long time, where he discovered music forced by the conditions of war and tension in which he lived with his parents. Returning to Romania, Amir took part in Megastar in 2008, where he won the prize. Last year, the passion for music prompted him to participate in Romania's Voice and decided to go to Smiley's team:Amir was a great surprise to me. I wanted to come to the studio and start working together. It has a special seal and I admit it has the determination I appreciated during the show" Confesses Smilei. This year, Amir released her first single – "What do you want".

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