Tuesday , March 28 2023

CALL! Come to donate blood to Medgidia!


New Call of the Regional Blood Transfusion Center in Constanta, this time for residents of Medgidia and nearby localities!

The collection of blood collected by the Regional Blood Transfusion Center (CRTS) in Constanta, in cooperation with local authorities, continues in our county, a need for high blood. CRTS, in cooperation with the City Hall Medgidia and Medgidia Hospital, on Saturday, November 10, organizes a new blood donation from 8.30 to 13.30. "All healthy people in Medgidia and neighboring communities who want to help patients who need transfusion therapy are expected," the CRTS report said. All those who want to donate are expected to visit the Medgidia Municipal Hospital with a valid ID card.


"I can donate 18-65 year-olds weighing over 50kg who have not suffered from hepatitis, tuberculosis, syphilis, ulcer, epilepsy, diabetes, heart disease," said CRTS experts. Individuals older than 50 years were asked to provide a family doctor's confirmation that they were not in the evidence of a cardiac or neurological disease. Two days before the donation, drinking alcohol is forbidden! "People who fill the donation (450 ml of blood) receive on request: 7 meals for food, free day at work, on the day of donation, in case of paid donors, day of liberation on the day of donation to pupils, students and soldiers, solving the costs of public transport per day donations between the place of residence / place of residence registered in the ID card and the place where the blood is given ", according to CRSTS Constanta. The management of the CRTS foresees in advance all those who will help save lives by donating blood. "Blood is a gift that can not be replaced! More donors are needed! Invite your friends! Thank you in advance for those who will help save lives!", Is the message sent from the CRTS official?

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