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Free testing campaign for 100,000 …


The tests and consumables needed to perform the test were distributed free of charge to family doctors together with information materials on how to transmit Hepatitis C virus and the risks of inadequate and timely treatment to infected people.

"Thanks to our approach, we want to provide a chance to cure, using the treatments available today in Romania for infected people with hepatitis C who believe they suffer from this condition after testing. According to specialists, the treatment rate for these treatments is over 95% and patients can be avoided Serious complications that may arise if they are not treated in time ", said the president of the health care association Marie Vasilescu during the opening of the campaign in Bacau.

Since three years ago, the Romanian health care system offers innovative therapies for hepatitis C treatment. At present, three treatment schemes have been provided under the cost and volume contract concluded by CNAS. Within 1 year, from 1 September 2018, 13,000 patients with F1, F2, F3, F4, F4, F4, F4, F4, F4 and / or CF patients and patients with chronic renal insufficiency on dialysis will be treated with therapies more convenient.

This is another tested HCV test run by the Ekuiti and Health Association. If, in previous campaign campaigns, it is directed mainly to large urban agglomerations, the current campaign is directed primarily to the population in small towns, communes and villages, thus providing equal opportunities for access to innovative treatments.

Officials from the health system, along with specialists and family doctors, took part in the launch of the testing campaign, organized in Bacau.

"Since September 1, a new agreement on cost-effectiveness results has been completed, which includes, in addition to the existing university centers, Pitesti and Bacau centers, which are supported by our insurer CJAS Bacau who will not treat treatment in Iasi, Galati or Bucharest. and patients who have F1 fibrosis, so the degree of fibrosis as a criterion similar to patients ", said Ek. Ion-Marius Savin, President of the General Director at the Bacau Counti Health Insurance Center

Taking into account the fact that there is no center for hepatitis C treatment in the Neamt district, patients who have been positively detected in a campaign in this county will use treatment provided by gastroenterology specialists or infectious diseases in specialized centers provided by contract concluded by CNAS.

"There are three public hospitals in CJAS Neamt where patients with gastroenterology and infectious diseases can be tracked: in Piatra Neamt, Targu Neamac and Romano.According to the laws in force, we provide research costs for patients diagnosed with hepatitis C and the subsequent costs of therapy needed, said Elena Harpa, president of CJAS Neamt, at launching a test campaign in Neamt district.

"There are many patients with hepatitis C and we are afraid that we will not find them, so it is very important that we help them identify them, and even if we make a waiting list by the end of the year, the next one will be treated," explained Dr. Anca Trifan, President A Romanian society of gastroenterology and hepatology, during the launch of the campaign in Piatra Neamt.

In the first test campaign, between January 15, 2017 and February 28, 2018, 16,964 patients were tested in the 7 largest hospitals in Bucharest and the country. The results were evaluated by gender and age groups (eg 18-49 / 50-60 / 60+), respecting the confidentiality of medical data. The campaign showed that 6% (1,013 persons) of the tested patients were carriers of the hepatitis C virus. The highest percentage of people who were positive for testing was in the age group of 60+ years.

"We need you, your family doctors who know your patients best when they come to us in gastroenterology, they already have a certificate from you about what chronic conditions they have, what other medications they take, just to test interactions," added Luminita Popovići, head Department of Gastroenterology, Emergency Hospital in Bacau County.

The test campaign "Hepatitis C Cure" is conducted by AES with the support of ABBVIE.

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