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How much Margherita has been weakened! After Asia, the skin and bone returned


Margherita has struggled in the past to achieve a dreamy dream. She was more than 10 kilos in extra, and she was willing to stand quietly for wrinkles. Desperate to escape from the boy, the solitaire told her that she also called for a diet based on flower stems and petals. "Three years ago, I fainted, it was very bad, I have an infusion in the hospital," said the brunette. And now Margherita looks like a leak, especially after returning from Sri Lanka, where she was filmed for Asia Express.

Margherita has included fruits and vegetables in her menu, at least getting some of her vitamins and not entering the hospital.

Margherita, kilograms of makeup in Asia Express

Although the manufacturers thought about taking it right, Margherita Clejani filled a cosmetic suitcase. "I like to make makeup, and the artist must always have a professional makeup," said Bruna. Margherita has put in her socks of all kinds, tiles of different shades, makeup, pens and more. If home makeup is up to 3 hours in Asia, Margherita and + have won a personal record.

"I came to make makeup in 10 minutes, which never happened in Romania, what to do, makeup is my other love. Since I was young, I saw all kinds of makeup, lipstick, so I like to always be pleasant and arranged, "she said.

Recording for the second season of Asian Express will be held this year in Sri Lanka and India. 9 pairs of stars have decided to cross the Elephant Road to receive a 30,000-euro prize and live their life experience, but only 7 of them remain in the competition. Margherita and Julian Luciu, but Bianca and her sister Oana were exhausted from the competition, exhausted.

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