Sunday , April 2 2023

Huge rows at the opening of Mc Donald's first restaurant in Focsani


Hundreds of people, especially teenagers, but also mature people have already been filled to refuse a restaurant to enjoy the products of an American company. Nothing left on Monday at lunch, which will happen on the first day of the McDonald's restaurant opening in Focsani.

It was attacked by local residents sitting in line, especially here by the teenagers who filled the restaurant. Moreover, huge rows were formed in the driving area reserved for drivers. In the evening, the Kaufland supermarket, which houses a restaurant, was more surrounded than ever. Most likely, a few days will remain things after the restaurant announces that it has a special offer. Retailers said they expect 3,000-4,000 customers a day.

"Customers in Focsani will be able to bring their children to the playground dedicated to them, they will be able to order from cars, go through the ride, and enjoy the best coffee and cakes at McCafe. The restaurant features digital displays and digital menus to improve and simplify restaurant interactions After opening, McDonalds welcomes customers with a valid offer from November 12 to 14: every Big Mac, McChicken, Potato or McCafe high-quality coffee is followed by another product from home, "the company said.


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