Saturday , June 3 2023

"I can dress differently"


Gica Hagi does not understand why Florinel Coman is no longer playing at the FCSB.

"King" takes over his former player by sending an arrow Gigi Becali and Nicolae Ditz.

"The coman went better for me to train in a different way that I do not have the means to know or I was looking for more, I was more demanding, but Coman also played well in the FCSB. He has the highest goals in the FCSB (according to Gnohere ) and that's a backup, and that's not normal, I do not know why it's a backup, I do not want to go back to speculation, "Hagi said in an interview with Telekom Sport.

"We are talking about the players who are attacking, have the highest goals and why is not the keeper? Is it not in shape? How can you achieve it if you are not in shape?", Added the patron and coach Viitorul.

7 goals scored by Florinel Coman for the FCSB this season.

In addition to the goals, the player who transferred from 3 million euros from Viitorul, also offered 4 assists.

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