Sunday , October 2 2022

Infiniti Flek, the folding Samsung phone comes pre-qualified


Samsung's first foldable smartphone will not have just one, but two folding screens. The first is called Cover Displai and aims to display notifications and help access the basic features of the cell phone. The second, much larger screen opens to provide approximately the surface of the compact tablet.

Expected in 2019, Samsung Infiniti Flek could be one of the most impressive smartphone products ever since the debut of iPhone. Of course, we have heard about two-screen phones, but this time, the advantages we offer can be much more noticeable and appreciated.

By taking major changes for application developers, the new smartphone could provide a very different user experience than we used up to now as Android or iOS users. For now, Samsung retains the ultimate secret design and we can only speculate how to use two screens.

However, from sources near the South Korean company we have found some technical specifications. The Samsung Infiniti Flek has a 4.58-inch screen on the outside of the case. This is an OLED 21: 9 OLED screen and a resolution of 840k1960 pixels, which corresponds to a density of 420 ppi.

Hidden in the interior when the phone is closed, the main display slides vertically and appears as a 4.3 "screen with a non-standard ratio of 4.2: 3. The resolution of 1536k2152 pixels corresponds to the same density of 420 ppi, an OLED panel that offers image quality similar to that is installed on the outside of the phone's casing. Therefore, Samsung does not distinguish between the two screens, regardless of the main role, depending on what we are doing at that time.

While this is possible, there is no reason why both screens should be active at the same time, so the Android interface will simply start from one side of the phone to another, thus reducing battery consumption.

The cover view can be used for quick interactions, such as taking calls, checking alerts, video calls, and text messages. The main screen can be a better choice for searching the web, watching an album with pictures, movies and accessing social networks. Any application open on the main display can be changed and immediately switched to Cover Displai, depending on how we want to use the phone.

Android 9.0 Pie will include all necessary changes on the operating system, but it may take some time for application programmers to come. Those who want to be unprepared can work with a new flicker emulator software that Google makes available.

If we take into account the expectations of Samsung and Android developers, the products with dual smartphones, regardless of whether they overlap or not, will be a common occurrence in the not too distant future. It remains to be seen whether the users to whom these devices are addressed are equally satisfied with the changes they have made.

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