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IPhone issues are great in 2019 for Apple

iphone problems 2019

Problems that iPhone phones were carving in the first three months of 2019 and Apple looking for solutions to solve them, such as the new iPhone 8 that is preparing to launch. According to analysts, the sale of iPhone phones in the first quarter of 2019 would be at least 12 million lower than the one recorded in the first quarter of 2018, with the difference being huge and will certainly count on the amount of revenue and profit.

In T1 2018, Apple sold 52 million iPhones, but for T1 2019 sales are estimated at between 39 and 42 million units, with the difference very high, but is expected due to the difference in phone prices. Information on a significant drop in sales of iPhone phones come from Apple's Asian partners, who also recorded a drop in orders for components for mobile phones.

IPhone Issues Gone 2019 for Apple

IPhone KSR and iPhone KSS series are the main culprits of this big drop in sales of iPhone phones in T1 2019 versus T1 2018, even though the former was very successful in the UK. T4 2018 made the first big disappointment in terms of selling iPhone phones, and as things are announced today, the T1 2019 has not gone in such a good direction, at least if we believe analysts who have analyzed the situation.

OTR Global, a media research company, today announced a new investment note predicting that Apple will deliver between 37 million and 42 million iPhones in the second fiscal quarter of 2019. Analysts from Vall Street expected deliveries between 40 and 45 million.

Apple will present its financial results for T1 2019 on April 30, but will not reveal how much the iPhone device actually sold, giving up the fiscal 2019 year. Unfortunately, this will lead to many speculations. on the evolution of the sale of iPhone phones, which will also affect Apple's stock price, but the Americans took over all these issues when making such a decision.

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