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Is Prince Harry divorcing Meghan? Their marriage is doomed. Relentless revelations – Evenimentul Zilei


The marriage of the Duke of Sussex is doomed, said half-brother Meghan Markle. In particular, Thomas Markle Jr., 55, of Oregon, said: Meghan’s marriage to Prince Harry is doomed.

At the promotional site, Markle Jr. claims Meghan “went everywhere,” which led to the divorce of her first husband, American film producer Trevor Engelson. Markle Jr. he goes on to say that “Harry is chopping up.”

Markle Jr.: “The guy he married first used it everywhere and then threw it away.”

Meghan married 44-year-old Trevor Engelson, 44, in September 2011, but they divorced after just 23 months, in August 2013, citing an irreconcilable difference.

He remarried Tracey Courland, the daughter of the founder of the Stanford Courland Investment Trust and the heiress of a million-dollar fortune. At the promotional site of Big Brother’s show, Markle Jr. is then shown in Big Brother’s room preparing to write a letter to the Duke and Duchess of Sussex that begins: “Dear Meghan and Harry, the first thing I want to say is for both of you.”

After being elected Big Brother, Markle Jr. gave a few comments about her sister and her marriage to Prince Harry. He says he warned Prince Harry that his sister was “very superficial” and would “ruin” her life.

In the first commercial for the show, when he arrived at Big Brother’s house, CBB, in a limousine, he said: “I’m Meghan Markle’s brother, I’m their older brother and I told Prince Harry that it would ruin his life because he’s very superficial.

Asked how he felt about not being invited to Harry and Megan’s wedding, he said: “I’m not upset, I’m just confused. It’s painful, considering how close we used to be. I’m confused and a little confused.”

Markle, who is the only son of Thomas Markle, who also has a daughter and Meghan from a second marriage. The brother lived with his father Thomas, sister Samantha Grant, also known as Samantha Markle, and stepmother Doria Ragland when Meghan was born in 1981.

Meghan’s brother is a window fitter who was married to Tracy Dooley for 11 years until they divorced in 2001 and had two sons – Thomas and Tyler Dooley.

He described his half-sister as a “fake” and “superficial, conceited woman.”

The estranged brother also attacked 40-year-old Meghan for excluding their father Thomas Markle Sr. from her life after he started gossiping about her in the scandalous press.

In 2018, in an interview with, Markle said that the Duchess of Sussex could deal with her family’s problems “differently from the beginning” and avoid a breakup with her father. He said: “She is capable of everything, she just wants to do it. If she wants to fix our relationship, she can do it anyway. But he has to want it,” Meghan’s father said.

Other celebrities who joined Markle at Big Brother’s Australian house include Caitlin Jenner, actor Luke Handley, Trump’s former assistant, Omarosa and NRL player Matt Cooper.

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