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netflik subscription price

Netflik. Yesterday, I told you that the new US company is currently testing a new low-cost subscription for customers around the world, but there were no data about the price that would be charged for it. Well, the first announcement of Netflick's new subscription for clients was announced last night, and the news is very good, as the price will be only $ 4 for this company service.

Netflik. This new subscription is dedicated exclusively to mobile phones, so they can not be used on computers, which means users will not be able to see the content on the screen large enough to enjoy it. However, Netflik will require its users only $ 4 for this subscription, even in Malaysia, the only country from which there is information about the plans of the US company for the next few months.

Netflik. Here are the prices of the new IEFTIN subscription

netflik subscription price 1

Netflik. Because there are video streaming services in Asia that have a subscription between $ 2 and $ 5, choosing Americans to claim $ 4 for a subscription or seem logical. Restricting Netflix's view of content on mobile terminals is the only reason why such a low price can be offered for this service, but it seems that for now everything will be limited to Asia.

Netflik. The US company has confirmed that it is currently testing similar subscriptions in other Asian countries, avoiding details of the prices charged to them. At present, 79 million of Netflick's 137 million Netflik subscribers are out of the United States, and a subscription reduction will surely increase the number of subscribers, especially in Asia where the company does not have as many customers.


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