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Reading and increased reality, one for visitors to the Gaudeamus Fair


BRD – Groupe Societe Generale will be present at the 25th edition Gaudeamus International Fair through the facility Imaginary laboratories. Developed by scenic designer Adrian Damian and BRD – Groupe Societe Generale, he will offer a new, improved real-life experience, giving the public a chance to interact in a new way with a series of written works signed by well-known science fiction writers. So, between November 14th and 18thin the central Romekpo Pavilion, visitors to the Gaudeamus Book Fair can experience new ways of reading with several integrated technologies in the installation, including holographic holographic glasses and LEAP Motion Sensors for moving your hands.

The concept of the new installation – "Reading in the future" was signed by stage designer Adrian Damian together with studios Les Ateliers Nomad, Aural EIE and CINETIC and explores the possibilities offered by the fusion of new technologies with the digital book. Curated and publicly accessible texts expose the visions of distant future societies and science-fantastic universes imagined by authors such as Margaret Atwood in The Handmaid's Tale, Dan Simmons in Hyperion, Richard Morgan at Modified Carbon, Sebastian A. Corn and Adrenergic !, Ernest Klein at Ready Plaier One, Pierce Brovn in Red Fury, and Neal Stephenson in the Seven Euros.

"We are pleased to have the opportunity to return to Gaudeamus with a new version of the Imaginary Laboratory. The installation is a suggestion on how the book will look in the future. Not only support for text, the book must have some materiality, even at the digital level, and inspire at least the same as its version on paper. We want to create a bridge between reading and technology flavors. We want to cultivate the imagination of readers so that they do not deviate from the written text, regardless of the support that is used in the future. In activation we will cause visitors to imagine other possibilities of interaction with future reading, the testimonials we want to implement in the first instance"Said Sabina Stirb, Brand Communication Brand Manager, BRD – Societe Generale Group.

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The installation is the BRD Groupe Societe Generale project, which was first presented at the Gaudeamus 2017 International Fair, where the audience could experience real-time emotions at the moment of reading, using neural headphones and wavelength measurement. The project is part of the BRD series of initiatives to support and promote the creators of culture and content and has participated in numerous cultural events, tested by more than 2,000 visitors from Gaudeamus Caravan, the Night of the Museums of the 40th District in Scene Residence9, the Odeon Theater or the International Theater Festival in Sibiuu.

Adrian Damian is an independent stage designer nominated three times at UNITER's "Life Is Dream" and "Winter", directed by Mihai Maniuti, as well as Singing Singer directed by Radu-Alekandra Nice, a performance brought by the UNITER Award for the set design 2016. The Best Visual Design Award was awarded by the Fine Arts Association in 2015 and the Association of Theater Critics in 2016. He is recognized in the field of theater art for the ways in which the emotions and symbolism of decorative technology are transplanted.

International Center for Research and Education for Innovative Innovation – CINETic It was founded within the National Theater and Cinematographic University "I.L. Caragiale" in Bucharest, as a research department. CINETIC has as a mission of technological innovation and research in the fields of digital interaction and applied neuroscience in performing arts. Within CINETIC, knowledge gained in the field of theater and film, through research and innovation, is used in interdisciplinary art-science-technology projects.

Les Ateliers Nomad are a visual communication studio founded in 2010 by Alek Petrosan and Matei Dersidan, two passionate friends of design and architecture, who over time evolved into a team of creative young people. The scope of activities includes events from video mapping, 3D animation, post production and CGI, event scenarios, mapping phases, from the concept stage to the implementation in both the commercial and the cultural area. The company has gained a reputation in the field of visual arts and new technologies, visually displaying numerous events including participation in the first Imapp 2014, Spotlight in Bucharest, the world festival of light, Videomaping Centenaries of the Great Union 1918 from October 2018 in Sibiu or "Simphoni Water" 2018 .

AURAL EIE Visions Studio is a visual and interactive art studio with a portfolio covering architectural video mapping, gallery work, live visual installations, sensor installations and numerous experiments that challenge the technological capabilities of the moment.

BRD is the partner of Gaudeamus International Fair for the fourth year in a row, part of a series of initiatives by a company to support cultural projects and content creators in related areas. Among them are the International Theater Festival in Sibiu, the National Theater Festival in Bucharest, the Festival of the Young National Theater Alexandria – IDEO IDEIS, the Manifest for Dialogue Tours, Apollo 111, the Scene Residence9, the Stradivarius Tour, Sonoro Conac, the intersection on Wednesday and more.

BRD – Groupe Societe Generale assumes its social responsibility by investing in projects in the fields of culture, education and sport, by the privilege of projects that build, develop, grow a new generation and bring value in the long run. Starting from the belief that education has the greatest impact on the future of the company, the bank manages its efforts and means to build or support programs that change the way children are ready for the future. BRD is a partner for teachers and a Romanian school in programs such as Druga fizika or Aspire for teachers. In the same way, BRD believes in the innovativeness and ability of young people to change their future with the help of technology (MINDRAFT – development center from BRD, the largest national robotics competition – BRD FIRST Tech Challenge, the robotics of the laboratory opened at the Polytechnic University of Bucharest). At the same time, the BRD promise is also found in youth entrepreneurship development programs through a partnership with Innovation Labs, one of the most advanced business programs in Romania.

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