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Samsung Galaxy Ace Plus (2018)


By July 2018 we tested the Samsung Galaki A6, a decent medium range, but it did not make me any way. Now comes the turn of the larger screen and battery model, which also brings a different chipset – Samsung Galaki A6 Plus or A6 +, version 2018.

We leave the input side, we quickly go through the specifications, and then we go through the typical chapter of the site.

Specifications for Samsung Galaki A6 Plus:

Specifications of the Samsung Galaki A6 Plus 2018


The Samsung Galaki A6 Plus 2018 has arrived in a retail box with a USB charger, a microUSB-USB 2.0 cable, a headset, a SIM card slot and a memory card slot, a quick start guide, and a warranty certificate.

The fact that we are dealing with the big brother Galaki A6 is obvious from the first moment. If it was not more generous and would not have two main camera sensors, then they would be twins, and the Samsung Galaki A6 Plus 2018 would not be used. Just for the second set of hardware, I do not think there was a need for another model in the A6 series.

We have the same line with A6, which is largely the same design as the Galaki J5 2017. It looks good enough, but I will tell you about the Samsung Galaki A6 Plus 2018 that this does not seem right in the A Series, the one that is focused on more demanding clients.

There is no problem with the quality of the construction, everything looks tightly folded. Materials and finishes are of the best quality, but also the case of the Galaxy J5 2017. And so it comes back to the same remark, as if we are turning around in circles, right?

The Samsung Galaki A6 Plus 2018 is far from being a nasty smartphone, as it is not. We have nothing to do with design, perhaps just holding the metal on the back and curved edges, making it slippery.

Screen and sound

The special OLED screen expert, which promotes Super AMOLED, sets such panels for some time on all its smartphones. The Samsung Galaki A6 Plus 2018 is no exception and brings a Super AMOLED 6 inch screen with a 18.5: 9 ratio and a resolution of 2220 to 1080 pixels. The formed density of about 411 ppi does not present any problems with readability.

Even the maximum brightness does not create problems in natural light, although in extreme conditions, when the sun rays come directly to the screen, we can not even declare completely satisfied. The colors are vibrant, but not in the interlaced zone, the contrast is infinite, with perfect black. The viewing angles are very wide, and even the easiest is not lost in quality.

The external speaker is very smartly positioned, on the right side, to the top. This is difficult to handle regardless of how we use the phone, landscape or portrait. Behind the small network we get pretty high quality sound and good volume. Does not affect any of the instructions, but can not be called weak.

Through the 3.5mm connector we have the same treatment. Quality is good as well as maximum intensity. With the headset in the package you can not experience everything that the internal DAC can offer, because it is average, but with high quality headphones you will be satisfied with the internal sound.

Hardware, operating system and applications

This would be the first chapter where there was obviously a need for something better. And that's because the chipset like the Kualcomm Snapdragon 450 offers enough processing power for the input level area, but it does not look right for the mid-range, where the Samsung Galaki A6 Plus 2018 is not just a bargain.

An octagonal processor at 1.8GHz helps Adreno 506 GPU graphics, which can solve even more demanding titles, but with minimal and medium details in the most optimistic case.

RAM is 3 GB and the storage space is 32 GB, of which the availability of users is about 24.24 GB. Fortunately there is a special microSD card slot of up to 256 GB.

Screenshots from the CPU-Z application with information about Samsung Galaki A6 Plus:

The operating system behind the hardware is Android 8.0 Oreo, over which the manufacturer applied its familiar interface to Samsung Experiments, in this case to version 9.0.

Even if this custom ROM from Samsung significantly changes the look of the native Android, the differences are not as big as in TouchViz. We have another unlock screen, such as the settings area and quick settings, notifications, and so on. However, as mentioned above, there are not any big differences between what you saw on the Pikel or Android One terminal.

There are other boring things in the Samsung Galaki A6 Plus 2018, at least in the case of a test sample. Many bugs that often appear, such as being excluded from the Wi-Fi network, with the immediate restoration of the connection. I'm pretty often not only for some, freezing the screen when no one answered for a few seconds, and … so much.

I hope that these questions are only present for a test copy, because it is a mid-range smartphone, A series model that, for example, broadcasts other requests to one of the J series.

As for pre-installed applications, the Samsung Galaki A6 Plus 2018 brings more than I would like. We have a lot of Google Play Store, Play Music, Chrome, Gmail, Maps, YouTube, Drive, Play Movies, Duo and Google Photos. Samsung launches Samsung's members, Samsung's notes, secure folder, smart things, voice recordings, emails, my files, Internet browsers, Samsung Health and Samsung Apps. We also have several Microsoft programs – WORD, Excel, PoverPoint, OneDrive and LinkedIn. Many or not, decide.

Samsung Galaki A6 Plus Screenshot Gallery:


We've reviewed the results of the Samsung Galaki A6 Plus 2018 with A6. As you can see, the differences are not only important on the graphics processing side and on the storage speed page.

Samsung Galaki A6 Plus benchmark tests


Samsung Galaki A6 Plus 2018 is a double sim terminal that covers all 4G LTE bands of all operators in our country. The maximum speed of 4G is up to 300/50 Mbps in the download / upload.

Vi-Fi is in 802.11 a / b / g / n, 2.4 GHz and 5 GHz dual-band, but unfortunately we do not see the standard. We have Instead of Vi-Fi Direct, Bluetooth 4.2, NFC, GPS positioning with A-GPS, GLONASS and BDS, FM radio with RDS and recording function.

Another disadvantage on the side of the Samsung Galaki A6 Plus 2018, besides the lack of Vi-Fi, is the microUSB port, which definitely likes USB Tipe-C. MicroUSB is on the underside, next to it there is a 3.5 mm connection. At least it did not disappear.

On the right we have a power button, and on the left side we see the volume buttons, but also the SIM card slot and slots for microSD memory cards.

The fingerprint sensor is placed under the main camera sensors. It has a very good recognition rate, but the response time is not immediate.

We also have the face recognition that has done much better than I expected. Even in the dark places he did his job well, although it lasted slightly longer than 1.5 seconds with enough light.

There are no problems on the callers, the GSM signal is stable and well received. The voice of the interlocutor is clearly transmitted to a sufficiently strong sound so that it does not create problems even in noisy environments.

Camera and video

The obvious addition of the Samsung Galaki A6 Plus 2018 to "normal" A6 gives a 5 megapixel sensor with 16 megapixels for the main camera. Forward, the sensor also got an upgrade, now not less than 24 megapixels, compared to "only" 16 in the case of Galaxy A6.

The interface has remained the same, simple and easy to understand by any user.

Screenshots from Samsung Camera Galaki A6 Plus Camera Interface:

The 5-megapixel sensor, which is joined by the 16th camera, promises to provide additional depth information for the field, so that the generation of hoches is more precise and natural, for example.

The quality of the image is very good regardless of the conditions. Even in low light, it is honorable, not leading, obviously, but enough to get good images at any time.

The colors are properly made, natural and pleasant, the details are full, and the dynamic range is extended enough when the HDR mode is activated. We have Auto HDR which I recommend to activate, or even shoot often while HDR is on, great areas get detailed.

The front camera also has extremely good titles with full detail and exact skin tones. Here we have a portrait mode, as well as a main camera, which does a good job without the help of another sensor.

Full HD 1080p video captured with Samsung Galaki A6 Plus

Photo gallery made with Samsung Galaki A6 Plus (first 3 with front camera):


Samsung Galaki A6 Plus autonomy

If the Samsung Galaki A6 showed the ability to get a good autonomy and a battery of only 3000 mAh, the expectations were great from the Plus version with 3500 mAh. And I was completely satisfied, Samsung Galaki A6 Plus 2018 is a reliable partner even for two days.

With intensive use and you still can not download the battery in less than one day, and if you are a light user, then you can reach even 3 days of autonomy.

However, I also have to talk about disappointments. The software that created the problems we discussed in the dedicated chapter made many percent lose the battery and when the phone is intact. In 3 days, at least 65 percent was lost while the smartphone was in the tray before adding user accounts. I do not know exactly what it was so much so that you spend almost two thirds of the battery in just three days.

However, these percentages are not so obvious when you start using your phone. Overnight he lost about 10-12%, so it's not too overbearing.

In our specific test, when we continuously play the Plaibok playlist on the channel on IouTube, with the full screen brightness, via the Wi-Fi Internet connection, the Samsung Galaki A6 Plus 2018 simultaneously charged the battery up to 10% for 7 hours and 7 minutes. A good but better result is autonomy in real life.

the price

Samsung Galaxy Ace Plus (2018) 1,300 lei at


Samsung Galaki A6 Plus 2018 is not a bad smartphone at all, and now, after the price is lower, I would say that this is not a bad choice. However, as if I remember which chipset I use, how much it has on connection, without Vi-Fi or USB Type-C port, I can not recommend it without reservation. Some software bugs, including accelerated battery discharge, also set negative points. Even an impressive design can not add value, but here we are already starting on subjectivism.

On the other hand, we have a very real autonomy, with a very good display and a set of convincing rooms.

Everyone will decide what is most important to him from the plus and minus Samsung Galaki A6 Plus (2018):


  • display very good quality, make sure of all directions;
  • excellent autonomy;
  • All rooms offer great results.


  • unwanted midrange of the processor, more suitable for terminals at the input level;
  • software errors that cause the connection to the Wi-Fi network are suddenly closing the applications or preventing them from responding, but also who spend the battery in standby more than normal;
  • connectors – without Vi-Fi or USB-Type-C ports.

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