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Samsung GALAXY S10 Lee Jae-iong

Samsung GALAXY S10. The Korean company makes very good changes to users who use their phones, among which is the one imposed by the deputy chairman of the board of directors of the group. Lee Jae-iong is the successor to the large Samsung group, vice president of the board, and for Samsung GALAXY S10 has imposed a new camera to be truly impressive.

Samsung GALAXY S10. It seems that the successor to the Samsung Group wanted new mobile phones to reach standards that companies such as Huawei and Google are now demanding. It seems that the group's vice president began to be dissatisfied with the performance of Samsung's camera phone last year, mainly because employees thought that the iPhone made better images, so the Samsung GALAXY S10 called for a change.

Samsung GALAXY S10 has a better camera thanks to Lee Jae-iongu

Samsung GALAXY S10. Since then, it has been ordered that really impressive phones are being implemented for 2019, some of them to cross the iPhone KSS, which in the autumn of last year surpassed Samsung phones in this chapter. In addition to using much better components, the Samsung GALAXY S10 phones will also encourage a more realistic view of the environment, rather than favored with sharp colors, as it was before.

In less than a month, Samsung Electronics's 10th anniversary of the Galaki phone will be unpacked with the revolutionary camera technology commissioned by Lee Jae-iong, who showed a special interest in camera functions. The Galaki S10 Series is expected to have three rear cameras delivering a 12-megapixel, 16-megapixel and 13-megapixel resolution, or dual-camera front-facing cameras. About Samsung's camera phone capabilities discussed last year when Samsung's successor Lee Jae-iong made a trip to Europe. During a visit to the retailer of smartphones, he allegedly asked for personal preferences from an employee in the store who favored the iPhone over Galakki, citing previous camera functions.

Samsung GALAXY S10. It is possible that this significant change of camera also brings new technology, separate from the variable opening, which is used in the S9 series to improve images taken in low light conditions. The Samsung GALAXY S10 will feature a triple camera with a 12 megapixel main image sensor, 16 megapixels wide angle and 13 megapixel phone, but it's hard to say whether they are good enough to win Huawei phones.

Samsung GALAXY S10. This year, Koreans needed a major upgrade for the premises, and it is possible that without a vice-presidential intervention this has not been done, but will now be offered to consumers.

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