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vhatsapp telekom warning

VhatsApp Messenger. The most widely used platform for messaging on the planet, with more than 1.5 billion users around the world, is not known to be one of the safest conversations in the world. Telekom CEO spoke today at a conference Connections, organized by the operator, saying that negotiations in the VhatsApp application should be considered public, such as Facebook.

VhatsApp Messenger. He said that when we use the application or any other service that is under the control of Facebook, we basically provide our data to the company and implicitly to other third party companies. Moreover, we give information to government intelligence services from different countries, although they say that they can not see VhatsApp messages, it is in reality likely to have access to this information, with a fairly "wide" approach to Facebook data.

VhatsApp Messenger. Director Telekom, WARNING about the application

VhatsApp Messenger. The app is at the heart of many scandals that have raised doubts in Facebook's claims that the messages sent through the platform are encrypted and that the company can not access them. Many people recommend applications such as Signal or Telegram to provide conversations, and the director of Telekom makes the same recommendation for those who are now using VhatsApp and I think they have messages in complete security.

I would say that I would not write to VhatsApp everything I would not say here on the scene or write in CV. You might say, but I do not plan to do anything unlawful, however, I would say it's pretty mentality, that I have peace in mind that everything you say about it remains secret, personally. Good people want to encourage you, if you want safe, secure and secure communications, to use applications such as Signal, Telegram. (…) If you want a browser that does not follow you, the alternative is DuckDuckGo. Good people, you need to get some education.

VhatsApp Messenger. Statements like those that were led by the director of Telekom came from many other people, from different companies, but if no telecom operator agrees, then I do not know who could. It's clear to everyone that VhatsApp is not a safe platform, and that everything you set up can be intercepted and seen by the authorities, so if you want security, look for alternatives to trusted ones.

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