Saturday , June 3 2023



Windows 10 themes

Windows 10. Surprisingly, today Microsoft has introduced a new desktop operating system interface, and in the images below you can see what it looks like. We are talking about a new topic that Windows 10 will be available from the next major upgrade that Microsoft plans to launch, most likely sometime next spring, maybe even in April.

Windows 10. There is currently a "white" theme for the operating system, and since the future "brightness" that Microsoft has prepared is properly implemented, it looks like the entire interface has a white background / complementary color. We are talking about the big change that Windows 10 will include for users when applying a new "light" topic that is contrary to the desires of people waiting for a dark fashion from the manufacturer.

Windows 10. New interface introduced by Microsoft

windows 10 theme 2

Windows 10. The new background option has enabled the operating system to increase the "light" theme that can be activated on computers, and the idea itself is extremely good for customers. Since the release of the new Windows 10 topics is far away, it is currently tested in the beta version of the 19H1 operating system, so currently it can only be used by Microsoft beta users.

windows 10 theme 1

Windows 10. Separated from this new "light" theme, the operating system will make improvements for the new one snipping tool, an enhancement of the application that allows the use of the printer, and an update that prevents accidental restart of the computer. Unfortunately, it is still not known when the dark topic for computers will start, the main desire of customers who use the operating system, but most likely until 2019, we have this expected update.

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