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Where FCSB plays after the closing of the National Arena. "I wanted to Ploiesti!" Football, Home Soccer, Indoor Football, League 1, Sport, Star, Last Hour, Last Hour


WARNING 14 November. "For now we will play in Pitesti", Gigi Becali said tonight. Gigi changed his mind after he retired last night at the FC Arses fans' pressure, warning that the FCSB forbade the arena "Nicolae Dobrin" and that the red-and-blue club would otherwise have consequences.

The FCSB patron makes pressure on the mayor of Bucharest, so the red-blue team can use the National Arena as soon as possible. "I'm not looking for a Gabriele Fire service, even if it's my nonsense. It's embarrassing. But I saw that now it can put a lawn that can be used in a week. She can wash her image with it, with a small amount. If now it changes the lawn and the FCSB plays it for three weeks, it will close everyone's mouth. The world will say "Look, there was a lawn problem and solved it." That's what I think. Why is the National Arena auction? I pay the required amount. I pay for it and then my tenant falls"Gigi Becali, Digi Sport said.

100,000 € it would cost the construction of a new turf in the National Arena, according to a report published by Gazeta Sporturilor

Mayor Gabriela Fire announced the closure of the national areas for lawn restoration and the guilt for investigating the GSP!

Becali refused to go to the volunteers, motivating that the stadium bears bad luck and does not get it when playing there.

The FCSB initially wanted to develop in Pitesti, but supporters of FC Arsères have opposed this idea.

Becali loved the Ilie Oana arena in Ploiesti, but there is a risk that fans of the wolf will protest.

MM Stoica proposed the version of Buzau, but the Gloria stadium was not approved.

After all, FCSB seems to evolve into Giurgiu.

"I gave her a nice message, she does not answer my phone, I will try to give her to her, I do not think she is guilty of the state of the lawn." "Tomorrow I go to her if she does not answer me.

If it keeps the closed arena for 2-3 months, it will be discussed for about 24 hours. If he now puts a good lawn and we play there for more than three weeks, he wipes everything with his sponge. The world will forget.

If the supporters are Pitesti's owners, we're not going anymore there. If it supports 20 supporters, we do it, what should we do? MM told Buzau to fill the stadium, but I do not like it there.

I want Ploiesti, but there are fanatic supporters and they are upset about us. Instead, we had results in Pitesti. We have Voluntari and Giurgiu, Buduru told me to play there. We go to Djurdje, I do not want Voluntary, there is a stand ", said Gigi Becali, at Digi Sport.

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