Tuesday , September 27 2022

A member of the Tsapkov band after a scandal with a forest was placed in a penal cell. – Rossijskaia gazeta


The Prosecutor's Office demanded the initiation of criminal proceedings against the official of the correctional colony N 3 in the Amur region, where a member of the band, Veceslav Tsepovjaz, a member of the gang, was serving a sentence.

The reason was the publication of already known photographs in which the prisoner in the high security colony Tsepoviz fries kebabs, eats caviar and crabs and looks very satisfied with life.

"The Prosecution sent verification materials to the investigating authorities for the purpose of resolving the issue of initiating criminal proceedings against the official of the correctional institution referred to in Article 285 of the Criminal Code of the Russian Federation (" Abuse of power ") and Article 286 of the Criminal Code of the Russian Federation (" Excess Authorization "), General Prosecutor Alexander Kurennoy.

If the checks confirm a violation of the sentence, and this is practically proven, then the leaders of column No3 will be at best dismissed.

Recall, on November 4th, on the day of the eighth anniversary of the assassination of a family member's family and friends of Cuban farmer Servera Amedova, photographs of the royal meal of Vecheslav Tsepovjaz, who served the term in the Amur region, appeared on the web.

This person sits in the penal colony N 3 of the strict regime for first-degree convicts in the village of the White Belt of Ivanovo region of the Amur district. This institution is intended for 1067 convicts.

After a scandalous tale with photographs of Tsepovias was placed in a penal cell.

"I spoke with him about photographs, saying that their authenticity must first be proven," the prisoner's counsel said, and called the photos fake. However, the prison department first responded to the scandal, stating that the images are true. And they were made in 2015.

Natalya Okhotnikova, president of the Amur District Public Observatory, claims that Tsepoviaz sentenced her without a privilege.

"An ordinary barrack with a kitchen, a psychologist's room, sleeping beds, no privileges, we visited Tsepoviaz three weeks ago when there was no photocandal, and my visit was related to the division of property between him and his ex-wife," Okhotnik said.

He added that due to the property proceeding, after the divorce and complaint of his former wife Tsepoviaz regarding his client, the inspections became more and more frequent.

The prisoner most likely will not have any special problems. Yes, it is more likely that the same photos, most probably, will not allow the administration of the colony. Neither the current leadership of the colony, who now checks the checks, or the one that is likely to replace them.

Moreover, from the outset, the prison service had a clear position. First, UFSIN in the Amur region gave a strong comment that these photos will be returned in 2015. Then she announced that the service was checked for the violation of the regime. The inspectors' orders arrived in the colony, while the seafood lover went to the penal cell.

– He was detained for three days, I do not know the reason for his transfer there. Tomorrow I will go to the colony. Veceslav Tsepoviaz worked in the zone as a beekeeper before this forest, and after the scandal began, he was transferred to a detachment, in which he did not work, RG told reporters lawyer Vačeslav Čepovjaz, who was nearly 20 years in prison.

If the checks confirm the existence of a violation of the penalty payment regime, and this is practically proven, then N3 column heads will best be rejected without severance. In the worst case, they will see their area on the other side of the barbed wire.

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