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AMD continues to bet on mining, and what happened with Bitcoin, Ethhereum, and Ripple for 24 hours


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11/6/2013 9:47 AM


Supported Mastercard startup became interested in Ripple technology, AMD is preparing new mining devices.

Bitcoin, according to Coinmarketcap at 8.00 Moscow time, trades at $ 6424. Ethereum sells for $ 209 and Ripple for $ 0.52. Quotations of most projects are traded in sub plus, except Ripple (+ 12.2%).

The total capitalization of cryptocurrencies has risen to $ 214.3 billion.

By the end of this year, SendFriend, supported by Mastercard and MIT Media Lab, will start using the kRapid technology from Ripplereports the forklift.

Thanks to the Ripple product, the Philippine-based platform SendFriend intends to provide cheap migrants with a cheap way to send money home.

"These are payments in real time, so we do not need to make pre-financing, leave funds in the payment corridor and take into account currency risks. We'll be able to simply send transactions one at a time as we pass through the previous ones," said founder and director of SendFriend, David Lighton.

Investors from SendFriend include Mastercard Foundation, Barclais, Techstars and Mahindra Finance, as well as Ripple itself. The SendFriend project is the winner of the MIT Media Lab Translational Innovation Alliance and was developed at Massachusetts Institute of Technology David Lightton.

Producer and graphics card manufacturer AMD has partnered with Sapphire, ASROCK, ASUS, MSI, Biostar, TUL and Rajintek to jointly release new Bitcoin and other cryptographic mining devicesreports the forklift.

All partners will present eight types of mining equipment. Specifically, the sale is a stability-oriented stability called ASUS I, a SAPPHIRE INCA CS-14 series with 14 AMD Radeon RX 470 video cards, Rajintek Adaptive Plug and Play solutions with 10 AMD Radeon video cards.

New devices are designed to increase the profit of miners who prefer to use cryptocurrencies using video cards. Equipment prices are not yet known.

AMD and Mastercard shares traded St. Petersburg Stock Exchange in Russia.

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