Wednesday , May 25 2022

Bitcoin can be stored in a large European bank :: RBC.Crypto


The financial conglomerate ABN AMRO, which has 4,500 branches in 53 countries around the world, has launched a crypt service, which currently employs 500 company clients

One of the largest banks in the world, the Dutch ABN AMRO, has introduced Vallie digital money deposit service, 500 companies already have access. The financial conglomerate explained that at the moment the service is in a test mode, the future storage of crypto-switches will be presented in the interface that users use for everyday banking operations, reports Bitcoinist.


Now, the official website of the bank is informed about the risks of investing in the crypto currency. Users can not buy Bitcoin or other digital money via ABN AMRO.

"The crypt of the currency is not controlled, it is not issued and it is not covered by the guarantees of the central bank. The Central Bank and the Financial Markets Authority regularly publish press releases warning investors and consumers of the risks of the crypto currency. You can not invest in bitches or other digital money through ABN AMRO, "the bank said.

Now it introduces Vallie's service for storing private keys of electronic wallets of clients and provides a guarantee for funds up to 6,000 euros. Konglomerat ABN AMRO has 4,500 offices in 53 countries around the world. In February last year, a similar Dutch product, Rabobank, announced a similar product.

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