Thursday , February 9 2023

British astronomers have discovered extraterrestrial solar cores (PHOTOS)


The mysterious interstellar Oumuamu asteroid can be a device with a large solar core that an alien civilization has sent to seek life in other systems.

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The Oumuamua asteroid arrived in our solar system in October 2017 and immediately attracted the attention of scientists with its strange path and speed, and in October 2018 scientists could not find it in the place where it was supposed.

However, Oumuamua continues to pursue the minds of the researchers. Including the second day, astronomers from the Harvard Smithsonian Center for Astrophysics (ACF) analyzed the strange shape of the object's cigarette, as well as the rapid increase in speed and movement on the path. And after that, they came to an unexpected conclusion, stating that Oumuamu probably represents a huge, artificially created solar sail.

According to them, the sudden acceleration of the object when it entered our solar system is probably caused by the influence of the light of our Sun. Earlier it was assumed that the gas that emerged from the asteroid was responsible for acceleration, but Harvard's astronomers say that, if it was a gas, it would asteroidally turn.

The solar core is a device that collects the sun's light on its surface and shifts the vehicle into space. That is, just as the sail is leading a boat, relying on the wind power. According to one researcher, Professor Abraham Loeb, even with Oumuamu's solar core, can simply be "advanced space remnants".

But the second version does not rule out that the Oumuamu is a probe, which deliberately sends alien civilization into our solar system, in order to observe the Earth. Harvard scientists have a third version. Since the object is not transmitting any signals, it can be an alien ship that has been shipwrecked.

Earlier, the same Professor Loeb had already expressed his opinion in favor of an alien version. In the Scientific American newspaper in late September 2018, he wrote that "Oumuamua may be the first known phenomenon of artificial artifacts that arrived in our solar system from the interstellar space."

Moreover, Loeb in the same place made an incredible comment that it is time to introduce himself into the science of archeology, which will explore the relics of other civilizations that fell into our system.

Earlier, NASA spacecraft captured the asteroid Bennu.

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