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How will Russia come to switch to digital television – the Russian Gazeta


By the end of the year, 98.5 percent of Russians will be able to digitally receive 20 free TV channels. Such a New Year gift promises to the citizens of the Ministry of Communication. From February next year, the phase-out of analogue television signal will start. Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev has urged government members to do everything possible to ensure that the transition to the new format has gone smoothly, without unnecessary bureaucracy and without the abuse of those who want to warm up for the sale of digital equipment.

The country's readiness to complete a "digit" transition was the main topic of the Cabinet meeting. "Since January of next year, we have probably completed the world's largest digital digitization project, the vast majority of our citizens are already watching television programs in digital format," Dmitry Medvedev began. "As a result of a complete transition to" figure, "image quality will become high, modern in all households, according to statistics we have 56 million," he added.

The topic did not appear today, and the beginning of the process has been given almost ten years, the prime minister says. During that time, digital television infrastructure has been created, and as a result, citizens will have the opportunity by the end of this year to watch 20 free channels in digital quality instead of three or four analogue.

According to the Ministry of Communications, the network of terrestrial digital broadcasting has 5028 facilities. It is the largest project of digitizing television in the world, confirmed the head of the Department Konstantin Noskov. During the meeting, he pointed out that in other countries, the decision to exclude analogue broadcasting was done by covering about 70-80% of the territory, while in Russia 98.5% of the population can now receive a digital signal.

Unprecedented work has been done to provide such indicators, Andrei Romanchenko, Director General of the Federal State Uniting Company Russian Television and Broadcasting Network (RTRS is the executor of measures for the development of digital air network in Russia ). According to him, most transmitters are installed in Transbaikalia – 265. "If we connect them along the line from Chita, it is 70 thousand kilometers, and in each facility our group had to go 15 times to control, we get a figure of over a million kilometers, it's the Moon, again and again on the Moon. And this is just the Trans-Baikal Territory, "he said.

In Russia, 98.5% of the population can now receive a digital signal.

Thus, by the end of the year, the entire territory of the country will be covered by the earthly digital signal. "The whole country will be connected by the end of this year, and by the New Year, all the inhabitants of our country will receive this gift, everyone will watch 20 TV channels in digital quality for free," said Noskov.

"The final transition into a digital format will be phase-based, starting in February next year, it will last for half a year," Dmitry Medvedev said. "It will be necessary to determine the stages of transition, the order in those regions where digital television will be released in full, in the test mode," he added.

Constantine Noskov believes that the exclusion of the analogue signal will go into three phases, the regions will fully go to the picture as soon as they are ready. The final decision will be made by the Government Broadcasting Commission. "The last closing phase will happen in early June next year," he said.

"The transition from an analogue signal to digital should go smoothly to our viewers," Medvedev said. "It is necessary to observe a schedule that will develop, it is important that the issues that people will solve solve without delay. And here the main responsibility, of course, lies with the regional government," added the head of the Cabinet.

A special issue is the connection with the digital signal of those Russians who live in areas not covered by a digital signal. It is about one and a half percent of the population, or about 800 thousand households. They can only rely on satellite television. According to Andrea Romanchenko, not only is the "north", such areas are fairly evenly distributed throughout the country. "We have 11 constituent entities of the Russian Federation, where one hundred percent coverage of terrestrial broadcasting, there are regions covering 96-97%," he said, explaining that the degree of penetration of the signal depends on the terrain, the size of the object, the distance, the density of the population.

The government shows an example – the beginning of the Cabinet session is broadcast live. Photo: Сергей Куксин / Archive "RG"

In order to achieve full coverage in such places, it is unprofitable, Konstantin Noskov continued. However, the state will provide free access to two multiplexes. According to the head of the Ministry of Communications, some of these viewers have already purchased boards and receivers, but they pay a subscription fee. After switching to "digit", viewing 20 main channels becomes freely, such an agreement has already been reached with satellite communications operators. Save those who have to buy satellite dishes. "We have agreed with the largest satellite television operators, all have developed a special offer for our citizens living in areas outside the digital reception: this includes a discount of around 30% on the antenna and a set of equipment for reception, which is about 4,500 rubles," he said Noskov.

Dmitry Medvedev has also ordered to protect the interests of those viewers who do not yet have modern television capable of receiving a digital signal. "These citizens also can not stay without television, the citizens have to make up for purchasing a console, and this procedure should be simple," he said. "Under the cover of the figure, we should not leave a single house," the prime minister said.

In some regions, governments have already begun to help citizens get the necessary equipment. For example, in the Tver region, which plans to completely switch to the "number" in early December, the compensation for the happy owners of new television receivers and connections is in full swing. "We pay attention to the support of low-income citizens," said Governor Igor Rudenija. "We have decided to compensate low-income tenants to acquire equipment for connecting with digital broadcasting, and we have already begun to pay." According to him, the procedure is very simple: in order for the applicant to receive a compensation of 1,000 rubles, it is necessary to give a certificate of income, a certificate of family composition and a certificate of purchase of equipment.

No house should stay out of the "digital" coverage area.

Sales of modern TVs and consoles are rising in connection with the upcoming transition to the "number". In this situation, it is necessary to ensure that there is no shortage and artificial price increase, Dmitry Medvedev is certain. "I draw attention to colleagues who should provide monitoring, this is the Ministry of Industry and Trade, in accordance with the protocol, an antimonopoly service. I mean the price of equipment for receiving digital TV, so there is no manipulation with it," he said. "In general, in order for trade organizations to ensure the availability of appropriate types of equipment, they looked at prices," the prime minister added.

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