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In Ekaterinburg, she opened the largest graphic graphics exhibition, Eric Bulatov – Culture


EKATERINBURG, November 15. / Tass /. The biggest retrospective exhibition of graphics "Freedom is", one of the founder of socialist Erik Bulatov, who celebrates 85 years of existence this year, was opened in Yekaterinburg on Thursday in the art gallery "Ieltsin Center", told reporters one of the curators of the project, Sergei Popov. Sam Bulatov came to the opening of the exhibition.

"The exhibition has more than 180 works, this is a lot <...> This is the biggest graphics exhibition, never displayed so much graphics by Erik Bulatov. I consider that about 30 works have been exhibited earlier, all other materials have been shown for the first time. And this is the first independent exhibition of Erika outside Moscow, in the regions of Russia, "Popov said.

The curators collected Bulat graphics from 1955 to 2018. From private collections and collections of the author himself. For example, for the first time, a graphic portrait of the poet Svevolod Nekrasov, whose poetry was visualized by the artist, was exhibited. A famous children's graphic book, created by Bulatov together with Oleg Vasiliev, illustration for the story of Charles Perrault "Cinderella" and Henry Sapgir's "New Words", was presented.

According to curators, Bulatov drawing is his special "working analytical tool".

"I continually pull out everything I see around me – in the train, at the airport, I always have a notebook with me, and it surprises my fellow artists, because there is a camera … The photo is a good collection of objects, but it can not express the space" – considers Bulatov.

According to the curator of the project, the work of Bulatov's "Bitter Badema" from 1982, presented at the exhibition in Yekaterinburg, is one of the best drawings of Russian contemporary art. "I love him the most, I have taken pictures from life in the Crimea, then I was at the house of creativity … Branches have obviously fallen, I brought it into the room and it was colored," Bulatov recalls.

Gift for Yekaterinburg

Bulatov was born in 1933 in Sverdlovsk (now Yekaterinburg). The last time the artist was in his hometown during the evacuation during the Great Patriotic War.

"In 1942 we arrived here with our mother, and in February 1943 we returned to Moscow. I remember one funny incident: there was a boy drawing contest, and suddenly I got the first prize, and the award was a rabbit that was for us it was impossible to eat donated rabbits, but we lived in a small room in the bedroom where the windows were expanded instead of walls, and there was no way to support and feed rabbits, so we had to refuse the prize, "he said with TASS memories.

An artist who commissioned Ieltsin Center created a picture of "Freedom" of the museum Boris Jelcin, and the completion of the exhibition. In many ways, for this reason, the curators selected for the exhibition, which will last until January 20th, or the name.

Bulatov is one of the most important contemporary artists, a representative of Moscow's conceptualism. The idea of ​​freedom and the possibilities of its existence in art, the relation between the social space and the space of art are the main themes of its work.

In 1958 he graduated from the Art Institute in Surikov, and since 1959, he worked in the Detgiz publishing house, together with Ilya Kabakov and Oleg Vasiliev. The first exhibitions in Moscow were held in 1957, and since 1973, exhibitions of artists were held outside of the USSR. Since 1989 he has been living in New York in 1992. Bulatov moved to Paris, where he lives and works today.

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