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Metamorphosis Kate Middleton: How does it work?


Kate Middleton is back in shape

The mother of three children and the rumor that she is in a position again, 36-year-old Kate Middleton looks not only thin, but almost exceptionally thinner. And this is only six months after delivery. Let's remember that Kate for the third time became the mother on April 23. On the same day, just a few hours after her birth, she was already posing for photographers in full dress.

A semi-annual marathon to reduce the Duchess from Cambridge

The resilience of Kate Middleton, who smiled publicly, showing a virtually unmodified figure in a semicircular scarlet dress, caused contradictory reactions. Some admired her readiness to overcome the fully understandable physical weakness of the official event with journalists, others, including the stars, were criticized for this act.

However, it turned out that both fans and haters were quick to make conclusions. The most important thing was to come. Day by day, Kate's figure became more gracious, and while the baby was growing up, his mother became stubborn.

Is it thin or overweight?

The incredible metamorphosis came with Kate's rather fragile character rather smoothly but steadily. So now it is only now that I wonder if the Duchess will stop what has been achieved and whether the experiments with diets and trainings, which she recently told journalists, will not harm her health.

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Expert judgment: weight loss after delivery is not a sprint, but a marathon!

Ata Kelli "vidth =" 150 "height =" 150

Ata Kelli,
acupuncturist, physician-physiotherapist of the highest category of the clinic Remedi Lab,
Master of Oriental Medicine

  1. Do not rush. If a woman is breastfed, then at first it will be difficult to lose weight. Therefore, do not set yourself a super-task to lose weight faster than anyone. Go back to shape and improve health, here's the exact installation.
  2. Do not focus on scales. If you gradually strengthen and train your muscles, surpluses acquired during pregnancy will quickly disappear. This program is inherent to a healthy body of nature.
  3. As soon as the food period ends, start cardio training.

Even for the visible effect of weight loss 15 minutes exercises daily.

You can simply jump with rope or dancing, to start your metabolism will be enough. Pay attention to the pulse: at least 15 minutes from the entire exercise complex should remain in the range 120-145 beats per minute.

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