Tuesday , September 27 2022

Olga Seriabkina is urgently hospitalized :: Shov business :: Dais.ru


Lovers of Olga Seriabkin are seriously concerned.
The singer went to the hospital – the day before the solo concert.

She reported herself on hospitalization. The actress has announced
Instagram the photo
which shows hands with catheters from the dropper. "Suddenly the day before
solo album ", – signed the image of Seriabkin

What exactly was the cause of hospitalization is still unknown.
Subscribers are really excited, but the answer to their questions about well-being
not all singers. Still, everyone wants an actress to quickly recover.

It is unclear whether a solo concert of the performers will be held. month
Seriabkina announced her departure from Serebro, where she has been performing since 2006
years. She explained that she will continue to work with the label Makim Fadeev
MALFA will be working on the Molly salt project.

Olga Seriabkina has repeatedly appeared in the new one
The role. However, a full solo concert in this painting was not yet. First
the show was due to take place on November 9th – but now it is in question.

Let's remind, a month ago, Maksim Fadeev posted a photo taken by Olga Seriabkina on his official website on the social network Instagram. The image is shot in black and white, both in the frame are serious. "Olga leaves the SEREBRO group in 2019. She stays at home in MALFA and gives her all the strength to her solo career, in which I fully support, and even I want to call you," the producer said.

Maksim said that leaving Olga Seriabka's activities will not stop the group. Moreover, Fadeev has great plans for her.

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