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Cristiano Ronaldo replied that. Star
Portuguese football has dealt with Spanish model Georgina Rodriguez,
The young woman chooses a wedding.

Even before the start of the World Cup in 2018, the media are safe
he wrote that Ronaldo will immediately lead to the crown of Georgina after the World Cup.
Portugal's advanced and Spanish model together for a long time. November 12, 2017
Rodriguez gave birth to the daughter of a footballer named Alan Martine.

The footballer has three more children – seven years old.
Cristiano and one and a half years Eve and Mateo. Everyone was born
a surrogate mother, writes a British mirror.

You remember the first child of Ronald, who was
known to journalists, was Jordan – sister of Mario Jardell. Later
Cristiano turned the connection with Gemma Atkinson – but she left the athletes
because of frequent cheating. The famous footballer had a romantic romance with Paris
Hilton, which lasted just over a month.

The longest star football match was
supermodel of Russian origin Irina Shaik. The lovers were together for about five years
reasons for separation, none of the partners did not want to talk.

Rumors about unconventional
sexual orientation of a football star. Ronaldo gave food to them. So
in one of the matches against Atletico, a midfielder named Cokea called Cristiano
gay Ronald did not deny that – he explained that he was a very rich gay. The most
The fans took the words of the footballer as a joke. But some decided to go
spontaneously leaves. Moreover, the Portuguese have repeatedly seen
Yachts in the company of muscular tired boys.

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