Sunday , January 29 2023

Samsung Galaki S10 and Galaki F mobile have flexible screens


As close as possible to the Korean company, only HTC U12 owners of the Taiwanese corporation and users of Apple's 3D touch phones, who recognize the three levels of pressure, could access.

Previously, insiders announced that the flexible Samsung Galaki F would be released by the end of 2018. It became known that a new operating system would be created for it and will be shown at the closest developer event, but only the prototype will be shown there. Now insiders have managed to find information on displaying the phone.

The new device's diagonal screen is 7.29 inches, while the new display of the new gadget is 4.58 inches.

Now, South Korean professionals are actively involved in the production of the screen, and in the future, the production volume will be about 100,000 copies a month. A special feature of the outstanding Super AMOLED monitor is the sensitivity to the pressure force provided by the sensors integrated into the screen.

In addition, Galaki F will be equipped with 2 displays at a time: the main – size 7.29 inches, and the other auxiliary – 4.58 inches, which will be located on the outer panel of the device.

Details of this device will be announced during the Samsung Developer Conference, which will be held from November 7 to 8 in San Francisco.

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