Thursday , June 1 2023

Sberbank: we are under the greatest focus of the fraudsters


Due to the large volume of operations, Sberbank is very popular with the fraudsters, said General Director Ievgeni Zhilin, the head of the anti-fraud scam model Sberbank of Russia against corruption scams.

"The medal has two sides: on one hand, we have a large number of transactions, we have a large number of clients, and we quickly find new types of fraud," said Zilin, speaking at the International PLUS Forum "Banking Self-Service, Retail and NDO-2018" – We can react quickly to this story, unlike credit institutions, which are much less. But we have the other side – we are under the most serious focus of the fraudsters, that is, coming to us with our ideas, with new things in the first place. "

Source: Banker

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