Wednesday , July 6 2022

Singer Niusha first became a mother and gave birth to a daughter


The 28-year-old Nusya first became a mother. In Instagram, the singer shared the first photo of her daughter, signing: "Our little angel. Sweet daughter.

Nusa and Igor Sivov, General Advisor to the President of the International Federation of Sports Sports, he married last year. Since then, there have been rumors of her pregnancy. In April, the singer found him in a perinatal center, but about it, what will soon become a mom, The singer reported only in May. "When I found out, what will be added to our family, I decided not to talk to my wife immediately. Wait a minute, be sure, that everything is good, that everything is already there, "the star admitted.

His daughter decided to give birth in Spain, where she passed several weeks before she gave birth. The actress settled in a specially rented villa and paid in advance for one of the family homes. / niusha_niusha

Igor Sivov already has two children since his first marriage. But for the first time he decided to be with his wife during childbirth. "Men –, what I saw and felt – it can never be felt in a normal life. After that, I am sure of more about one thing – WOMEN – it's a miracle and I have to love them, to groom and hold hands. No one can solve it., with whom women are confronted with childbirth. Take care of your women, "- he shared his impressions on Instagram. (Copyright for punctuation and punctuation. – Note ed.)

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