Sunday , November 1 2020

Skipping Breakfast increases male heart attack – scientists

Alcoholics, smokers, radocholars and low active people often refuse from morning meals.

Harvard University scientists in the United States conducted a study in which data on health of 27 thousand males over the age of 45 to 82 in the past 16 years were analyzed. They were interested in the dynamics of the condition of the study and its impact on the regular breakfast. As a result, researchers have concluded that skipping a morning meal in men increases the risk of heart attack by 27%. It was noticed that at the beginning of scientific work none of the men had cardiovascular disease. Relevant findings were published in Circulation.

In addition to ischemic heart disease, people who skip breakfast probably have bad habits. In particular, skipping breakfast is typical for smokers, alcoholics, inactive people and workers. Scientists recommend that they give up harmful habits and begin to lead a healthy lifestyle, as it will help to prolong healthy and fulfilled lives.

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