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Teacher insulted school girl for inadequate appearance – Rambler / News


In Sahalin, a teacher of Russian language and literature humiliated the student during her lesson because of her performance. A video of what happened happened on Ioutube and caused user outrage.
The incident occurred in the city of Kholmsk, in the province of Sakhalin. Within the framework you can see how the teacher exposes the student and is cynically interested in:

"Are you a child or a foster child?" Do I ask something incredible? This is now normal. The children pushed me, I asked. What are you crying?

The girl is crying at this moment, and the whole class laughs at her. Only one child's voice protects a classical man:

"Yes, calm down, fools."

Then the teacher calls to come to school in a neat form. According to media reports, discontent of teachers was caused by children's clothing, and in particular we are talking about a sweatshirt in a sweater.

The girl wrote in social networks that the teacher began to find fault with the child because of "a hole in the shoulder on the jacket," ASTV reports.

It was also reported that Inna Khorosheva had already spoken to a teacher named Inna. Before the girl and parents apologized. The school will publicly discuss the incident at the parent meeting.

In video comments, Ioutube users were very negative about pedagogical methods of education at the school in Holland.

"Such teachers will have exactly the same students – everything is natural." We hope parents will sue the school. "" The damage to the Russian education system, teachers are degrading more and more each year. "

Earlier, it was reported that a music professor in St. Petersburg called students from the sixth grade "poor" in "a poor school for the poor." Later she explained what spiritual spirituality means.

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