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The expert spoke about the problems of the used "Japanese": AvtoMedia: VladTime


On the secondary market there are a number of models that are significantly more expensive than their "classmates", and one of them is the Honda CR-V third generation. Does the high price guarantee phenomenal reliability?

The expert from the Auto Plus channel said that the Honda CR-V is not a young car, it was produced from 2006 to 2012, so high prices on the secondary market are doubly surprising: cheaper than 650,000 rubles, such a passage was not found. In order to inspect the author, Honda received four-wheel drive in a rare red car body, manufactured in 2007 with a mileage of 111,000 km – the owner is demanding 750,000 rubles for it.

By purchasing a Honda CR-V, you have to remove the entire luggage compartment cover to check the cracks in the rear arches – many of these times are wrong with this. Also, on cars that were released before 2008, the luggage compartment is often rusty.

According to owner complaints, too soft colors, "soft" glass, opaque chrome and short-lasting optics deserve criticism in all CR-Vs. One of the old "wound" crossovers is the suspension of the main unit.

As a drive unit for this model, only 4-cylinder 2-liter and 2.4-liter "aspirated" ones are available, with a proper maintenance of 300,000 km – it is important to use only Honda brand and not to experiment with the analogs, with the viscosity of the lubricant.

Every 90,000 km, you will probably need to change the fuel filter, and after 15,000 check the condition of the spark plugs. And in order to "automatically" serve 200-250 thousand km, after 45 thousand it is necessary to replace the oil by removing the frying pan and replacing both filters. After 80,000 km, a barrier bar is needed, and after 50-70,000 stabilizers and clamps can break down.

Another problem with the dorestailing copies – fragile silent blocks behind. The stem of the shock absorber is approx. 100,000 km. It should be kept in mind that for this off-road Honda CR-V is not adapted: with long skating, the drive on the rear axle is "cut off".

The expert recommended the owners of this model immediately after purchase to look for quality service stations, where they have been working with Honda for a long time and know which analogues exist for branded spare parts and which can be preserved because the durability of the CR-V parts does not differ.

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