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Volochkova refused to apologize for the dog's killing


"So what?"

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Ballet Anastasia Volokolova commented on her trick – he hit his stepmother's dog. The incident video is shown throughout the country, but the actress is not considered to be guilty.

Volochkova refused to apologize for the dog's killing

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Anastasia Voloshkova with her father.

"Well, yes, I broke that dog, so what?" Said the ballerina in an interview for the TV channel "360". Volochkova added that she wanted to revenge her stepmother, who, in her opinion, care for a pet is better than her father.

The incident involving ballerina is shown in the program "New Russian sensations" on NTV.

Volochkova arrived in her father's apartment in St. Petersburg together with the film crew and went insults with her current wife. The victim of the two women's conflicts was a dog.

Ballerina categorically demanded that the dog be removed from her, and then hit the animal, and she was not ashamed of the camera.

The dog was not seriously injured, however, the act of ballerina provoked anger. For example, actress Anastasia Samburskaia advised Volochkova to hit her head, not to beat her pets.

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