Tuesday , September 27 2022

We Store Retail Chain welcomes 10 million visitors


The network of authorized retailers, Mi Store, announced a new achievement – last weekend, the company welcomed its 10 millionth visitor. They became a resident of the capital, Denis Melnikov, who bought the Xiaomi ecosystem products.

Visagi Visitor congratulated senior vice-president Xiaomi Wang Xiang, who presented him a gift certificate for Xiaomi's 10,000 rubles and one of the company's top-end smartphones this year, Mi 8. Going to Russia, Wang Xiang brought with him copy The latest smartphone Mi Mik 3, which has not yet been officially launched in Russia.

Wang Xiang told reporters the following season to reporters. Upon completion of the official part of the event, Vice President Xiaomi acted as a salesman of regular stores and successfully sold several devices.

The first Russian official mono-brand store Xiaomi, which marked the beginning of the Mi Store network, was opened in October last year. Smart Orange LLC is an exclusive partner of the Ksiaomi brand for the development of retail facilities. Currently, the network includes more than 80 stores opened in the Russian Federation, the Republic of Belarus, Kazakhstan, Latvia, Armenia, Georgia, Azerbaijan and Kyrgyzstan.

The popularity of the Ksiaomi brand in Russia and other countries explains the desire of manufacturers to produce high-quality innovative products at competitive prices. Precisely calibrated product positioning not only ensures high demand, but also contributes to the constant development of the audience's loyal brand fans.

Since the opening of the leading store of the Mi Store network in Russia, which has ensured the constant delivery of certified products, the Russians have significantly increased interest in Xiaomi products, enabling them to start a significant increase in the number of outlets. Buyers have complimented the proposed retail store concept, where you can not only get acquainted with novelties and buy them, but also use the service and make warranty repairs on the purchased equipment.

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