Tuesday , May 30 2023

17 As a result of an investigation by the Public Prosecutor's Office, details of the death of Hashoggy were discovered


The public prosecutor explained at a press briefing that the investigations that have been carried out so far with twenty-five detainees in the case of the murder of Jamal Hashogy have been achieved through which the following results have been achieved:

1 that the incident started 19.1.1414, which corresponds to 29.9.188. When an order was issued on the return of the victim by conviction and if it was not persuaded by forced return, and that the order was former Deputy Chief of the General Intelligence Service, who ordered the commander of the task.

The task of the leader has formed a team of 15 people who contain and renew the said citizen consists of three groups (negotiation – intelligence services – logistics) and suggested to the working unit of the former deputy chief of the General Intelligence Service to assign to his former colleague in charge of working with a former adviser Preside over a negotiating team for the victim's prior knowledge.

The former vice-president of the intelligence service contacted a former adviser to ask who would be in charge of chairing the negotiating team. The chancellor agreed and asked to meet with the Task Force commander.

4 that the consultant met with the task manager and the negotiating team to inform them of some useful information for the mission based on his media specialization and his belief that the victim is receiving organizations and countries that are hostile to the Kingdom and that his presence abroad poses a threat to the security of the homeland and invited the team to persuade him to return and this represents a great success of the mission.

5 that the workgroup communicates with a forensic expert to see the vital effects of the operation in case it is necessary to return the force, which is done individually without knowing the reference of a specialized specialist.

6 that the task leader was in contact with an associate in Turkey to equip a safe place in case of forced return.

7 that the head of the negotiating team showed him after he learned about the situation within the consulate, could not transfer the victim to a safe place in the event that he did not negotiate with him, decided that in case of failure of the negotiations to be killed, it was concluded that the incident ended death.

8 The method of crime, which is the struggle, strife, restriction and injection of the victim with a large dose of narcotic needles, led to his death, that God would be merciful to him.

9 The order was reached and the killers were killed, and the number (5) of people who acknowledged this and their words were consistent.

10 that the body fragmented direct killers after the death of the victim and was taken out of the consulate building

11 that those who took the body from the number of consulates (5) people.

12 The person who gave the body to the aforementioned collaborator was identified as one person.

13 A similar figure was found by an assistant who was handed over to the body on the basis of the handover description.

The man who wore the clothes of the victim and threw them after being released into a container, including an hour and glasses, was accomplished by two escorts (two persons).

15 Security cameras in the consulate building have been found to be incapacitated and a person who was disabled has been reached.

16 that logistical support is for the perpetrators of crimes (4) of people

17 It was concluded that the task leader, in agreement with the negotiating team and their president, who decided and continued to kill, filed a false report to the former deputy chief of the General Intelligence Service, stating that the victim was released from the consulate after the negotiations had failed or returned by force .

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