Monday , February 6 2023

Al-Riyadh Al-Jouf Police continues its campaign to control overruns of the regime


The Al-Jouf Police District is continuing its Homeland without Violence Campaign to monitor and control violators of labor regulations and residence and border security on a daily basis and with the involvement of relevant government departments.

Media spokesman Lieutenant Colonel Jozid bin Saud al-Noumis said the campaign was targeted at several locations in the city of Sakaka and the provinces of Kuraiat and Domat al-Jandal, and a group of work and residence system violators were arrested and sent to the authorities.

He called on citizens and citizens to cooperate with security services by reporting any violation of the number of operations (999), not to tolerate or hide them or to operate or deter them so that they would not be held liable and punished for violating regulations and instructions in this regard.

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