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Champions of Burundi announce their date of meeting with Ismaili champions in Africa


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Quoting the location of the seventh day, on Thursday, November 15, 2018.

On Wednesday (November 28th), Masiyur Niguzi, champions from Burundi, set a date for the Ismaili side to face the 64th round of the African League.

The club announced on its official website on the date of the match, which will be held at the Eurocondo stadium, which is capable of 5,000 fans.

Ismaili is looking forward to achieving a positive result that will ease the task of completing returns that should begin early next month.

We also thank the visitors of the Egyptian Saudi side for the confidence and presence, and we promise you to provide everything new and important from all reliable sources of news and to transmit (the Burundi hero has published the date he faces with Ismail's heroes from Africa), and the source is responsible for what was reported.
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