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Do you feel pain in your hip joint? .. know the reason and treatment


The latest health news, in which some feel pain in the hip joint, causing difficulties in moving or sitting or even changing the direction, however, many patients are not sure of the location of the pain, because this wrist often gets confused with the knee.

The hip is the name of the actual joint, where the lower part of the pelvis fills the upper part of the femur. Some diseases can cause pain in the hip, which is recognized in the following lines,natural halls"He said.

Causes of hook pain


Arthritis is one of the most important causes of pain in the hip, especially when it reaches the age of forty. Arthritis occurs, causing the joints to be worn, which leads to bone friction, which leads to pain, allergies, inflammation and other significant features of arthritis.

Rheumatoid arthritis most commonly occurs in younger individuals, which requires a complete replacement of hip in young people.

Treatment of hip pain


The joint of the cart, like most other joints, consists of ligaments and tendons that help bone bone bonding to facilitate movement. Torsion occurs when the ligaments extend beyond the boundary, which results in severe pain during movement.


Sciatica occurs when the sciatic nerve, the largest nerve in the human body, becomes under pressure, resulting in pain in the back of the hip joint.

Hip bone


Exposure to pelvic fracture is very common in elderly people, especially those with arthritis, osteoporosis, and pelvic floor fractures.

Symptoms of hip pain

The patient feels some symptoms, such as:

– Pain in the thigh.

– Turning or difficulty walking.

– Loss of movement.

– I feel bad

The pain in the hook that radiates to the surface of the hip can make the pelvis under high pressure and may indicate weakness.

Treatment of hip pain

The methods of treating hump pain depend on the cause of pain, in addition to the following methods:

– It helps to feel comfortable, relieve pain in the hip.

– Snow use is one of the best methods of treatment, where ice is used to treat inflammation that occurs after falling or exposure to shocks.

– Taking local pain reliever in pain relief.

A doctor can prescribe various medications that can help in treating pain, inflammation, and antibiotic for treating infections while practicing physical therapy for people suffering from falls or accidents.

Some patients may request surgery to replace the joint of the hip and may be considered an optional surgery.

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