Friday , September 17 2021

Egyptian Basant Hamida is withdrawing from the competition in Tokyo

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Egyptian Basant Hamida, an athlete, decided to withdraw from the competition in Tokyo 2020, after she was injured during a recent period.

Basant suffered a tear during one of the trainings while she was in the training camp in Cairo, in order to avoid participating in the 100 and 200 meter sprint competitions.

And Basant Hamida tweeted on social media: “I fully believe that this is the beginning of my sports career, not the end, despite the difficult situation and my inability to overcome it now, but our Lord is very generous.”

And she continued, “The Olympic qualifiers for Tokyo 2020 were a great blessing. Also, the sudden injury and inability to participate last is a great blessing from God, even if I don’t see it now. A good Lord brings nothing but good. Praised be God always and forever “Happy and proud of every step on the Olympic qualifying trips to I if he is not completed in the final stage, but happiness is his joy on the trip, and not just in coming.”

She added, “Thank you, my great coach, for your support and support for me all the time through the difficult times before the time of success. Thank you to the Egyptian Athletics Federation for your work and overall support all the time.”

And she continued: “Thank you to my family, friends and all the people, even those I don’t know, who stood by my side the last period and encouraged me and sent me the words of the greatest that could be. The words made a big difference to me. You you are the greatest blessing in my life.

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