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"For me, Mourinho is the best, I gave Pepa the right to use the start Cruifi gave him."

Argentine legend Diego Maradona has begun an interview with the Spanish newspaper Marc.

Diego made a comparison between Manchester United manager Jose Mourinho and Manchester City manager Pep Guardiola, who probably has a Portuguese side in his opinion (see details).

And the text of the dialogue led by the Spanish team Dourados with the Spanish press.

Do you ever want training in Spain?

Yes, but that must be a long-term project, it can not only be a technical manager to be in the position, and it is healthy to make a break after winning a day (Maradona refers to Real Madrid's position, as we assume).

Time to correct errors. Be aware if your side is closed, if the main conditions are coordinated, but if they both fall together, it's time to see errors, and as a technical director, I still have a lot to learn.

So I think I will go to Manchester for a week to see Murinha and ask him for many things.

Why Mourinho?

Because it's no doubt better.

Better than Pep Guardiola?

For me, Mourinho, the best, gave Pepa the right to use the start given by Cruiff.

I have said many times that Tiki-Taka's style is not invented by Guardiola. But the thin Cruiff. Currently, Pep is able to choose any player in the world he wants. Tiki-taka is easier.

What do you think about the full controversy over what was said about Messiah?

What are you talking about!

Your statement that Messi 20 times goes to the bathroom (see details)?

I'm all lying.

Because you never wanted to manipulate Messi?

Messi is my friend and I will never say bad about a friend, in any case, I'll tell you directly. For Macie, I will say that this is a phenomenon and nothing more.

It was a player 20 times in the bathroom, but I did not refer to Messi.

In contrast, what Messi wanted was to quickly change and go to the field and escape behind the ball, something that many did not (referring to the 2010 FIFA World Cup when he was the Tango coach) but hiding from the ball.

I … I'm not tired, but I want to tell people who are talking about our relationship that my relationship with Messiah is unconditional.

Love relationship?

Love, peace and love, of course I want to hug him, because I have not seen him for a long time. After Messi moved to Barcelona, ​​he wanted to keep on constant shaking.

Who and why?

I do not know why, but they have an overwhelming interest in my relationship with me. Leo can be compared to Ronaldinho, for example, Dennis has acted brilliantly in Barcelona, ​​and yet nobody remembers him.

This is the character of Barcelona: they quickly forget the stars, and the same with Rivaldo, no one remembers. You know the news in Barcelona, ​​they always want my bush and I miss, but I'm shouting with Messi and playing tennis with him and we're happy.

To finish with this argument, maybe you thought you were going to the bathroom that Messi did not have the leadership of the old generation?

It is insubordinate to try to force a player to play in some other way and it is impossible Messi to play another way. Love Leo, after losing Germany to 4-0 at the 2010 World Cup, I saw how he cried in the wardrobe.

That day were players who had already traveled to Argentina. However, Messi is not. Leo is a symbol, and for this reason I heard him crying in the bathroom.

Are you waiting for his return to Argentina?

It seems to me that he will return, because if we are no longer in trouble, we do not have a player capable of pushing the wall. I think it's a break.

You criticized the selection of Lionel Scalloni for the training team, given that he missed the experience, do you think the Santiago Solari case is similar to Real Madrid?

In both cases, I say that they have no background to support them, but their presence is based on the decision of the president of the Argentine Confederation and the president of Real Madrid. I do not think it will last long.

But Zidane too …?

There is a difference between your name Zidane or your name Scaloni and Solari.

Bearing in mind that your name Maradona want to have a chance for Real Madrid?

Yes, I will like it and I have a lot of backgrounds that support me, but today I'm in Dourados and I'm happy.

I'm going to see Bena (granddaughter and son of Manchester Citi Sergio Aguero) at any time, I have good relationships with Aguero, a great father and a wonderful person.

If we talk about Aguero, do you think Manchester City can win the Champions League?

Aguero is able to win the Champions League, but I always tell gentlemen from Argentina that the World Cup is coming soon, so do not worry about the Champions League only.

There is only one thing that will die Argentina in its name – the World Cup, not the Champions League.

How do you see the sale of Cristiano Ronaldo in Juventus?

I think it's a good start for him, he gave everything to Madrid and he does not feel like he enjoys Italian football any more, and Perez released him quickly.

Is Real Madrid currently missing?

Madrid has recovered and won again, has a great team, it's true that people are now wondering about Ronaldo's score for many goals with Juventus, but I say that Perez is wise and if he decides to sell Cristiano, that's for something.

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